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  1. sansigolo

    Red Moon: Lost Days - New homebrew game for Sega Saturn

    Hello everyone, It's me Sansigolo (@G_Sansigolo), as some of you probably already know. Today on 31/01, I through Neuromage Studio, released a game for Sega Saturn, this game has been in development for almost two years. I hope you enjoy it. Red Moon: Lost Days Red Moon: Lost Days is a...
  2. W

    Mortal Kombat II - music sequence fix 1.0

    This little fix swaps the necessary game files to correct the reversed music tracks of the Wasteland, The Tower and The Pit II stages, thus making the music sequence of all the regular stages (minus the hidden Goro's Lair stage) more faithful to the original arcade version.
  3. [Tutorial] Patching Sega Saturn Games

    [Tutorial] Patching Sega Saturn Games

    Sega Saturn Patching Tutorial Use time code links to see a specific patch. Go to the youtube page for a full description, breakdown, and links.
  4. Xenos-Interactive

    Blue Skies 0.3

    Blue Skies: Flight "sim" for the Sega Saturn. Fly through the air and fly through challenge courses around an island in a biplane (currently pre-alpha). Devlog: Retro Jam #3 - October 2021 - v0-001
  5. Xenos-Interactive

    Blue Skies - Flight Sim - Official Thread

    Official thread for discussion about Blue Skies. Find the game here: This is the official and exclusive download link. Please don't redistribute the game anywhere else. Thanks. :) P.S.: To a certain Sega Saturn FB group. That is not a polite...
  6. Danthrax

    Bulk Slash (English) 1.001

    A full English localization of Bulk Slash, including dubs of all voices in-game and during ending cutscenes, as well as an implementation of the Twin Stick controller.
  7. sansigolo

    Red Moon: Lost Days - New homebrew game for Sega Saturn

    Hello everyone, my name is Gabriel Sansigolo (@G_Sansigolo) . For those who don't know me, i'm a game developer.. one of my games is the visual novel for Sega Saturn The Lighthouse of Sao Bento do Oeste I am here, on the 27th anniversary of Sega Saturn, to share the DEMO of my game : Red Moon...
  8. G


    Hi All Here's my video checking out the Quake 1 Sega Saturn levels being played on the Dreamcast. All thanks to Ian Micheal.
  9. R

    Egword 2.0 English Translation 0.9

    A English translation of the egword 2.0 software for the sega saturn. see thread for more details.
  10. nanash1

    Cotton 2 English Patch 0.9

    This is a translation patch for the Sega Saturn Version of Cotton 2 by Success. The patch will translate the entire text of the game to English. This patch REQUIRES version 1.2 of the Sega Saturn Patcher.
  11. D93

    Sega Saturn capacitor repair service

    Does anyone know where I could find a capacitor replacement service? I've never soldered before and I don't want to risk destroying my Saturn. The console is getting pretty old and I'm paranoid the caps will give out. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. dibz

    Fenrir 21-pin version update

    Direct from the man himself, via his twitter feed:
  13. XL2

    Sonic Z-Treme - METAL SONIC 0.865

    Full remake of the Metal Sonic boss fight from Sonic X-Treme. I reused assets found on the leaked 718 build and from the official SDK to recreate that famous fight in a new engine. It's a very quick project, built from scratch in around 15 hours, so please reports any bugs found! Huge huge huge...
  14. M

    Stuck at the SEGA black screen and flasher menu never appears

    Hi I have a Sega Saturn Model 2 (PAL EUROPE) and I am trying to flash my Action Replay with Pseudo Saturn Kai 6.324. I can do the swap disc method since I can play some backup games using this method. My problem is, when I boot the CD-R burned with "pskai_sdm_flasher.iso" (I also tried with...
  15. C

    Mars multi Controler for saturn

    Does anyone have or can tell where i find the diagram to make the cable to connect to saturn? I had the cable but lost on the move. Now I have this great control without a cable, and without the diagram with the correct welding order on the connector there is no way to make another cable. This...
  16. Bugman

    Need Some Help with Ripping SEGA SATURN Sounds effects (SE) and is it possible to do?

    I'm new here, i just wanted came here to find Some help with ripping the SE files for Christmas NiGHTS into dreams mostly the SE that was in the Sonic into Dreams Mode of the game, i was trying to figure how to rip the SE files but sadly no had luck, even when searching stuff about it.
  17. Locke_gb7

    Help with .xa streaming audio from Segata Sanshirou Shinkenyugi

    as often the case, I have extracted the audio .xa files using poweriso. I don't have a programming background so I have tried all existing PSX tools for extracting saturn .xa either nothing happened or I was told there was no audio in the file. I have spent days searching forums for a method to...
  18. XL2

    HELLSLAVE : Project Z-Treme

    Newest version :
  19. S

    WTB: E7000PC and SH2 POD for Sega Saturn Sophia

    I'm after the Hitachi E7000PC ICE emulation station and SH2 POD - these parts required only (see circled in image); I already have the corresponding PC interface board, interface cables, documentation manuals, software and a Sophia with PGA adapter. I understand the rarity of these components...
  20. V

    Replacement sega saturn / sega cd cases

    Hello community, my name is Chris, for almost nine years now I've wanted to get replacement cases for my sega CD and Saturn collection. Well after finally becoming financially secure enough to cover all the costs I have gotten a run of 10,000 cases made. They are available on amazon prime at the...