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  6. C

    Blast Wind English Translation 1.0

    Blast Wind is a vertical shoot 'em up for the Sega Saturn which was released exclusively in Japan during 1997 by Tecnosoft. It tells the tale of a post-apocalyptic earth where humanity must rely on two ancient super warriors to defeat GORN's cybernetic empire, which is a reference to ORN from...
  7. sansigolo

    ☀️announcing: Lost Days 0

    ☀️announcing...☀️ Neuromage Studio's next game Lost Days 0 is a Sci-Fi RPG/visual novel for the Sega Saturn about Io, a pilot/spy who was sent to United Europe to investigate Cornelli, meanwhile, the arrival of a skilled assassin threatens her mission. Teaser: itchio...
  8. segareplay

    Retro Christmas Catalog Sega Pages

    Not sure where to post this but I was reliving the old Christmas wishbooks and thought I'd share the Sega Saturn stuff for posterity from 1995-1997 for both Sears and JCPenny (no listings in the 98 catalogs).
  9. M

    Jap Sega Saturn PSU repair

    Hello everyone!, I am having a hard time trying to fix the psu from my japanese sega saturn, model 1, I think that the power transistor went bad, this transistor is named C5215, sadly not datasheet is available online :( The console has the problem of wavy lines affecting the video output, very...
  10. privateye

    Radiant Silvergun - Text Removal Hack 1.0

    Hack for Radiant Silvergun on Sega Saturn which stops "PRESS START BUTTON" and "PLEASE WAIT" from appearing during gameplay, thus making it behave like the PC / Switch / Xbox 360 ports. Due to the basic nature of this hack, it also removes "PRESS START BUTTON" from the title screen and attract...
  11. privateye

    Radiant Silvergun - Training Mode in Saturn version

    Radiant Silvergun has a Stage Select feature which is unlocked after clearing the game in Arcade or Saturn mode and is available immediately in Radiant Silvergun EXTRA. It's a nice inclusion but, on it's own, it's useless for practice purposes because you will enter the stage with all weapons at...
  12. privateye

    Sonic Jam: Tails World 1.0.1

    Hack for Sonic Jam on Sega Saturn which makes Tails the playable character in the 3D "Sonic World" mode. Credit to @bbayles for making the hack: Twitter / X - Website -
  13. privateye

    Sonic 3D Blast / Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island - Special Stage Edition 1.0

    This is a hack for the Sega Saturn port of Sonic 3D Blast which cuts out the main game and allows all seven Special Stages to be played consecutively. Credit to @bbayles for making the hack: Twitter / X - Website -
  14. J

    Cold Case 0.3

    I've been working on this since the beginning of the year in it's current form, since i first started with Jo-engine in 2021, the plan was always to make a survival horror type game like silent hill / resident evil but i never thought it would be possible. its not perfect but it works (ish!)...
  15. Xenos-Interactive

    Programming-for-Beginners-on-Saturn 2023-07-27

    This tutorial series is based upon the Jo-Engine SDK by Johannes Fetz: Jo Sega Saturn Engine, Sega Saturn SDK for homebrews Despite the Sega Saturn being one of the most difficult consoles to program for, due to its complex architecture and many many different specialized chips, Johannes has...
  16. Ponut

    Slide Hop SLIDE HOP 1.2A

    (Captures from Mednafen) What is a Slide Hop? Slide Hop is a 3D almost-platformer. It is called as such because it is a time-attack ("racing") game with platformer-esque controls. The unique feature of Slide Hop is that you can slide & hop (in no particular order) to gain momentum in a skillful...
  17. Danthrax

    Stellar Assault SS (English) 2023-05-11

    A full English localization of Stellar Assault SS, including redubs of all voices during FMVs and in-game missions, as well as an implementation of the Mission Stick controller. Also changes the number of continues from 3 to unlimited. In the ZIP file is included the Sega Saturn Patcher patch, a...
  18. ROS

    Otamajakushi v1.0

    Four gameplay modes that put a spin on the classic Tetris puzzle formula : - Single Player - Two Player Battle - Computer Warfare - Puzzle mode Courtesy of SegaXtreme :bunny: Thanks to @vbt and @Madroms Please Enjoy, Rings. :frog:
  19. Y

    SFIIIS2 1st Battle, Final Chapter unable to start due to a freeze in emulation (Beetle Saturn, RetroArch)

    First off, I've also posted this on Reddit. I apologize if I seem to be spamming, but I am truly desperate right now. Here's the situation: It has been my childhood dream to play this game and finish it. I started teaching myself Japanese a few years back and figured I could just play the...
  20. S

    Sega Saturn repair service anywhere available?

    Hi, I own a Japanese Sega Saturn Model 2. The problem with it is that shows unusual and strange behavior. When booting, system is randomly restarting or given no signal to the video-output. It's on a loop basically every time it’s trying to reboot. While it's LED-power light is on, so i guess...