save game

  1. K

    Saturn Save Converter 1.2

    Simply drop your save file on top of the converter to allow it to convert the save to known popular emulator types. Supports: SSF (Non hook) Yabause and derivatives Mednafen Nova Giri giri and derivatives BUP
  2. slinga

    Save Game Metadata Questions

    @EmeraldNova has been testing my Save Game Copier re-write. He noticed that the Panzer Dragoon Zwei save didn't work when copied. One theory I had is that the comment on the save (which appears to change based on your in-game rank) was invalid. Also highly possible I still have bugs in my code...
  3. slinga

    Streaming PCM Examples?

    I'm struggling to finish my latest project. I ported minimodem to the Saturn in an attempt to be able to retrieve save games over audio (to assist with fan translation projects). Here's a demo video video if you are interested. I have a few major issues: 1) I don't know how to stream PCM audio...