save game

  1. Knight0fDragon

    Saturn Save Converter 1.7

    Simply drop your save file on top of the converter to allow it to convert the save to known popular emulator types. Supports: SSF Yabause and derivatives Mednafen Nova Giri giri and derivatives BUP
  2. slinga

    Save Game Metadata Questions

    @EmeraldNova has been testing my Save Game Copier re-write. He noticed that the Panzer Dragoon Zwei save didn't work when copied. One theory I had is that the comment on the save (which appears to change based on your in-game rank) was invalid. Also highly possible I still have bugs in my code...
  3. slinga

    Streaming PCM Examples?

    I'm struggling to finish my latest project. I ported minimodem to the Saturn in an attempt to be able to retrieve save games over audio (to assist with fan translation projects). Here's a demo video video if you are interested. I have a few major issues: 1) I don't know how to stream PCM audio...