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  4. cntdu

    How do I sell my rare items?

    Hello everyone! I am new at this fórum (and actually been quite away from any gaming forum for years). I have been building a collection of Genesis/Mega Drive, Sega CD and 32X games since back in the 90s and recently I started thinking about selling some of my stuff. Since I have been away from...
  5. Chilly Willy

    My current devkit for MD/CD/32X

    I'm posting an arc of the source needed to build my latest toolchain, along with a few examples. All the needed code is included together with a makefile to build everything at once. The toolchain is comprised of gcc 12.1.0 binutils 2.38 newlib 4.2.0 zasm 4.4 Those are all the latest releases...
  6. vbt

    PAL Keio Flying Squadron 2 1.0

    This patch patches PAL Keio Flying Squadron 2 to replace the sounds (like the ones from the main character) and the videos by the Japanese ones. v1.0 by s10k 2021-11-29
  7. roadavenger.jpg


    Road Avenger for the Sega CD, from sega visions
  8. dracula.jpg


    dracula for sega cd, from sega visions
  9. batmanreturnscd.jpg


    bat man returns from sega visions
  10. V

    Replacement sega saturn / sega cd cases

    Hello community, my name is Chris, for almost nine years now I've wanted to get replacement cases for my sega CD and Saturn collection. Well after finally becoming financially secure enough to cover all the costs I have gotten a run of 10,000 cases made. They are available on amazon prime at the...