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    The DoS of the year

    still have never understood why those nerds out there do these kind of things. I guess its cause they're too scared to do a real prank where they have the slightest chance of getting caught
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    Any seniors in high school here?

    MTXBlau: One of the schools I'm appying to is Lehigh ???
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    Any seniors in high school here?

    Just wanted to know if anyone else was going through all of this stupid college stuff. It's such a pain in the ass, I've been up for hours filling out applications and writing stupid essays on topics I don't care about... ARGH! sorry, guess I just needed to do some venting...
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    What are your plans for this Thanksgiving day?

    Getting together with a bunch of other close familes is atradition of ours. Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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    I didn't mean to imply that your post was negative at all! Sorry if thats what it came off as. A lot of people werent here way back when, nothing wrong with that. I just wanted to shed some light on some of the stuff these guys did for us.
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    I'd just like to clear up that Rev never did anything to hurt this site, in fact he did an incredible amount of work for the site. Rev was the one who managed the games when they were located on free internet servers. Mowgli and him set up a system in which only people who wanted to help out the...
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    AOL Ads

    Right now I'm just trying to figure out what the AOL challenge is
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    Science Project.....

    Try this: Conduct a study on how long it takes household acids to clean a dirty penny. There is some chemistry involved with it. If you can, try to use different a couple of strong acids and a couple of weak acids. Record your results and hand it in
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    Virtua On

    I remember going to my EB a couple years ago and they had this game on the shelf for only $10. At this time I only had like 3 other saturn games and when I brought it home I must've played for at least a week straight with my friends. It's such a great multiplayer game
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    Unfinished RPGs

    Dark Savior, took a 6 month absence and I had three of five parallels done FF7, I started playing this at the beginning on the school year, but then got too busy and took a 4 month absence and finished during winter break Grandia 2, took a two week absence from it this summer and thats cause I...
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    Radiant Silvergun

    The EB near my house was selling Radiant Silvergun for $15 at one point, and they also sold PDS for only $20. I always feel like kickin myself whenever I think about that. Oh and its great to see your back Rev
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    Hey where are the.....

    and there was a 'tiny' bit more than 60
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    Problems with Linksys router

    I feel like a moron now for not having reboot the router. Thanks guys... I love this site, I post a problem and its solved within a hour and half
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    Problems with Linksys router

    Ok, heres the setup I have: I have three computers: Desktop #1, Laptop #1, and Laptop #2. All these computers connect to the internet via the linksys 4 port router that I have. Now I need to get rid of the firewall for only Desktop #1. Under the DMZ Host page (which is a part of the setting...
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    hosting for Avatars

    Fortunecity will work