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    Saturns for sale

    stack99 I purchased his Model 1 Saturn from him and it took quite sometime but I eventually got it. If you haven't heard back from him in sometime and you paid with Paypal you might be able to file a complaint and possibly get your money back. If you paid with a money order, it sounds like he...
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    Sonic R

    The controls are hard to get used to, but it's not impossible to get used to them. I play the game using the d-pad, even if I'm used the 3D Nights pad, I switch it to D-pad. Sometimes, I don't even use either of them, just use the flippers to move around. After you get the courses down, you...
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    Panzer Dragoon Movie

    I used to have the VHS a while back. It's really not that good at all. If I can remember correctly, it was really short and the voices really weren't that good. The story wasn't very well developed. I think it took place around the time of the first game on the Saturn. If someone could verify...
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    SCD Mixing Cable -- Need Info

    They're hard to find and I was lucky enough to get one when I got my Model 1 Sega CD. What the Mixing Cable does is run from the Sega CD to the headphones jack on the Genesis then you can hook up not just the White AV Jack, but also the Red so you can get true Stereo sound. I'm not sure if the...
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    Saturn Saves on Hd?

    Yeah, that site is still up, don't know if the links still work, don't really want to pull out my Netlink and Saturn and set it all up. Links here:
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    Sonic Limited Edition?

    I remember renting that one from Hollywood Video with the Dreamcast early (don't really know why, my brother imported the thing in 98), but we played thorugh the entire game and beat it.
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    I can't get this game working ?

    I can't get this game working ? Is it named correctly? In Gens 2.00 you can't have a number in the ISO file like F1 Beyond the Limit - 01.iso, it has to be named F1 Beyond the Limit.iso.
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    Alex Kidd

    Yeah, I used to play Alex Kidd games all the time back when I was a kid. Miracle World is my favorite, Lost Stars was OK, and I never got into High-Tech World. I was never priveledged to own the Shinobi one or the BMX Racing.
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    suggestions for SX

    Click "Help Us" on the left frame, there's a Paypal link in there.
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    Where can i download a dreamcast mic?

    That's probably a stupid kid with nothing better to do, but it's still a good laugh.
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    XP burning software

    I use CDRWin to burn all my Sega CD/Saturn games and I am in XP. Just use Sega Cue Maker to generate a cue sheet to use so you can burn the games in CDRWin. It's located here:
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    a pretty dumb question

    Yeah, you can copy CDs with a standard CD-ROM drive to your Harddrive, but then you can't burn it.
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    Lunar the Silver Star the ISO should be is a little over 10 megs and there are 51 audio tracks. I have the MP3s ripped in 128k so rared up it's 42.8 MB, but if it's ripped in Bin/Cue it would easily top 300 MB. And Lunar 2 Eternal Blue question was answered by Arakon in the other thread.
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    Lunar Eternal Blue

    I got Lunar 2 Eternal Blue to work perfectly in Gens running off the ISO. The MP3s are pointless to gameplay, so just name the ISO Lunar 2 Eternal Blue.iso and then open it up in Gens and it will play.
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    Looks really cool Earl. Yeah I can't stand Frontpage one bit, I use CuteHTML when I used to make webpages.