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    WTB - Modded Sega Saturn

    Recently the laser on my Sega Saturn crapped out, so I need to get a replacement. If anyone has a modded Sega Saturn they'd like to sell, let me know. I only need the Saturn and the AV cables (don't need the power supply).
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    A question for all you Megaman fans out there

    Well... it's obvious nobody is interested so oh well. (Edited by Snyderman at 10:44 pm on Jan. 13, 2002)
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    I've a Question - no makin' fun.

    Well since you are new here, all the info you will need is in the MISC section and the FTP section is the best place to look (unless you look into the FTP forum, but don't expect EVERYONE to give out their FTP's without a little contribution on your part). A bit off topic, but I really have high...
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    favorite system in the 80s

    Well, I was never exposed to much other than the NES, so I guess that makes it my #1 choice by elimination (although I LOOOOOVED my NES and my SNES to death, yet they are still very much alive :))
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    I've a Question - no makin' fun.

    Ok, first thing I suggest is reading the FAQ, that being said, Bin/cue IS everything. Basically what we have here is the entire clump of files from the Sega CD/32x (or any CD system for that matter) merged into one file, and the cue is just the thing that is used for CDRWin (and a few other...
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    Megaman X4 for saturn

    Well ya see folks, back in the day when megaman was original... wait fast forward a bit. Anyhow, I bought the PSX and PC ports a long time ago, suffice to say I was very satisfied with both. I was just wondering how the Saturn port measures up. For that matter, how does MM8 Saturn compare to...
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    Strange question about Saturn/SCD games

    Does anyone here play their games with modified audio files? I mean, I personally despise 90% of the MMX3 for Saturn soundtrack and was wondering if anyone substituted music files. If you do, do you know if they have to be the same length as the original music file or not? I was thinking games...
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    Lunar: Eternal Blue (Sega CD) Audio Tracks Question

    I could be wrong, but I think it only had 2 with the iso being some 300+ megs. Unlike Lunar 1, I believe most of the music is imbedded into the iso. Coincidentally... Lunar for PSX had 1 iso and 2 audio tracks too...
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    converting iso' country codes

    HAH! I was playing that about an hour ago! In fact, I just beat the game :) I got King's quest 1-3... but they just don't have it, I mean, the graphics don't bother me, I played Space Quest 1-3 (which is about the same gfx quality as KQ 1-3) but something about the 1st 3 kings quests just doesnt...
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    converting iso' country codes

    Geez... I tell yas... I bet you if you asked someone who started using PC's in the last 6 years, 90% of the AVERAGE users wont even KNOW what dos is :p I always used dos, all my favorite sierra point and click games were run under it :p
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    How many saturns were actually sold?

    HAHA I love Clouds info under his avatar... :p
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    Chrismas Nights

    Delete the directory crap. Make sure its just "ChristmasNights.bin" or whatever its called instead of "C:l337 omzhaXX0rChristmasnights.bin" I think thats the problem. Although I'm not sure. (Edited by Snyderman at 9:50 pm on Dec. 21, 2001)
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    ARG!  I love Capcom...

    Err... did you guys read my last post? I said I tried to add all the ones that weren't there, but there were too many :) I may have said that the list was ALL but I didn't mean every single one. I guess I wasn't clear.
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    Heh a little fun in Streets of Rage 3

    It's on Gamefaqs. On the Jap version, to play Ash, just beat him and hold A until you get to the alley screen. To play as Shiva (us or jap) just hold B right after beating the level. To get Roo, I forgot the code, but if you kill Bruce only when fighting Roo/Bruce you can play as Roo later.
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    ARG!  I love Capcom...

    As a matter of fact, I tried to add some things that were missing, I gave up from so many #### entries. Nobody said Gamefaqs was complete.