Megaman X4 for saturn

Well ya see folks, back in the day when megaman was original... wait fast forward a bit. Anyhow, I bought the PSX and PC ports a long time ago, suffice to say I was very satisfied with both. I was just wondering how the Saturn port measures up. For that matter, how does MM8 Saturn compare to PSX? I've seen a lot of games on PSX versus Saturn and 90% of the time the conversion is MUCH better on the Saturn (with perhaps exceptions such as the horrific Saturn Tomb Raider game and perhaps Dracula X/Castlevania Symphony of the Night, the Saturn version was disappointing to say the least...)

Any help would be appreciated.

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I'm not sure there's much difference in X4, but for the Saturn version of MM8 you get an extra mode where you can see drawings of not=used robot masters and you can hear voices and music. Also, you can find and fight Cut man + Wood man.
Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I thought I could lend a hand here.

X4 on the Saturn has better, more detailed graphics and animation, bigger sprites, etc, while the PSX has clearer sound samples and better quality FMV. I'm pretty sure that's the breakdown.

Not sure if it's on the PSX version either, but in the Saturn version of X4 you can also play as Dark Megaman and Dark Zero (or whatever they're called - they have really cool black armour with all their power-ups from the outset).

Hope that helps.