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    RRR SDK released !

    Red Ring Rico server is offline, check latest releases here : Update on SSSDK
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    Screeen resolution hacks

    only Norse by Norsewest missing, even guests see your pictures :
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    Screeen resolution hacks

    only best games :) both deserve a translation
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    uoYabause released for Android

    Windows version 2.5.0 is also released! These are changes since ver.2.5.Beta2 * FIX: VG96 does not boot when emulated bios is used * FIX: Lastbronx does not boot on bilt-in bios * Make kindex to signed value * Fix: Bad line color address * FIX: VALHOLLIAN * FIX: Quake sky uoYabause
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    Satiator news

    from patreon (a bit late) : Source : Brief beta build bulletin | Professor Abrasive on Patreon
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    SegaXtreme discord

    @benzo12 try : Join the SegaXtreme Discord Server!
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    Question about fixed point FIXED type in SGL (after more than ten years)

    welcome back @vreuzon , french power !
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    Wolf4SDL for Sega Saturn

    I've recompiled the game, now i'm trying to fix a bug people told me, it seems it was on the last boss. I've enabled god mode and level 22, so did issue happen here ? i can say it returns to the bios, or there is another bug ? or it was this boss missing :
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    Reading from the framebuffer?

    latest xl2 video :
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    Update on SSSDK

    New update : GCC 9.1 (lto enabled) GMP 6.1.2 MPC 1.1.0 MPFR 4.0.2 Binutils 2.32 get is here : - Download SSDKInstaller.exe for free
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    [Complete] Forum upgrades incoming

    no issue ! user and password fields didn't change so chrome restored values for login, great job again @dibz
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    uoYabause released for Android

    @everyone update windows version and share this here. uoYabause as Changes are listed below. * Use glMapBufferRange for VRAM update * Add K parameter color ram mode. Fix black screen bug * Add Special color function mode 3 which uses CRAM to detect...
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    converting SGL from COFF to ELF

    here are the little secrets : remove "-Xlinker --format=coff-sh" from the makefile (ld flags) add in the header of the linker script : OUTPUT_FORMAT(coff-sh) use only libs converted to elf
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    [Complete] Forum upgrades incoming

    great news for the update, it's just a bit sad to lose some features. any free replacements add-on available ? at least for the gallery. and you do always great job with the forum @dibz thanks again !
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    converting SGL from COFF to ELF

    issue fixed, the problem is the the converted objects but the linker and ld parameters.