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    Ninpen Manmaru English Patched?

    well done, it will deserve a new patch !
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    Project : convert yamaha YMxxx FM to saturn scsp FM

    wow i'm impressed maybe for you it's easy, would you mind helping me on such thing ? do you have a working sample ? actually, i moved to streaming pcm which is not so good.
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    Project Z-Treme

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    Kronos 2.0.2 32/64 Bits...

    downloaded :)
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    [RELEASE] Heart of Darkness

    maybe with a homemade card/devcard
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    Sega Saturn Sample by Sega

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    Sega Saturn Sample by Sega

    I can share them if needed.
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    AMEBA a new saturn game !

    We want you... to beta test Xenocider! Retro SumusCréateur 18 décembre 2019 It's been a while since our last update on KS, but we've been active on our social media profiles as always. So what's up? As we just announced on our Facebook and Twitter profiles, Xenocider beta testing is open to the...
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    Update on SSSDK

    New update : GCC 9.2 (lto enabled) GMP 6.1.2 MPC 1.1.0 MPFR 4.0.2 Binutils 2.32 Newlib 3.2.0
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    SEGA Saturn 25th Anniversary Game Competition

    late entry by @ndiddy it came during the review i hope it can be included to the contest
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    Happy new year 2020 - Kronos 2.0.1 32/64 bits is here :)

    Congrats the Kronos team, 2020 starts really well with your new release, lot of fixes and improvements ! thanks for sharing, i should try it tomorrow
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    SEGA Saturn 25th Anniversary Game Competition

    i wanted to send something else but ...
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    Sega Saturn Sample by Sega

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    Translating Magic School Lunar

    Looking good ! well @Ms. Tea & Suppertails . Any way to participate to beta test ?
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    Collect Saturn Github Projects