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    IceDigger's Classic Game of the Month - Sol Feace (1991) - September, 2020

    no idea if it counts, i've played the megadrive version called "Sol Deace" , it's basically the same game with stripped out animations and maybe music. it's worth to play it, there is not so many choice on sega cd. another vertical shmup thame into my mind was bari arm. back to Sol Feace, some...
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    Racing Apex

    finally it's coming ! release date : 10/09/2020 !
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    Sega Doubling Down on PC Efforts After Finding Success on Steam

    Orta would be a dream, it was more or less running on a PC so it could be possible. Maybe it simply needs a HD remake.
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    Sega Doubling Down on PC Efforts After Finding Success on Steam

    Sega PC is back ! we can expect some good games ports coming on steam. source : Sega Doubling Down on PC Efforts After Finding Success on Steam - The FPS Review
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    introduce yourself :)
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    cross compiler with 68K and SH2 (and x86) support

    2020 Apr 21NOWUT version 0.23 release Minor update with a couple of improvements and a couple of fixes. Check the documentation. Download the complete archive. And be sure to get Go Link from Go Tools website.
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    Saturn CD Block ROM dumped again.

    there is one way to write to the cdrom ram (the SH1 ram) from the SH2s, so if there was an hidden command to excute some code we could use the SH1 a bit.
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    Saturn CD Block ROM dumped again.

    congrats @Waterfuell & @antime , now any clue, hint that could allow to use the SH1 as a normal cpu ? codemasters said they tried to use it for micromachine v3
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    HELLSLAVE : Project Z-Treme

    @XL2 is ready for next SAGE contest :
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    YZB's 4MB hacks

    thanks for sharing the hacks here
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    Any homebrew apps to view JPEG

    there is not yet a jpeg picture viewer but Mic dic a library to read jpec on saturn :
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    (HELP) Translate the game "Phantasm"

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    Create your 2D games for the Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo Wii and PC with the new Titan IDE!

    thanks for this new release, wii is a great addition to the titan ide, did you drop the saturn support ?
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    Wolf4SDL for Sega Saturn

    it's moving slowly, there are still bugs but walls, ennemies and static items are rendered as sprites :
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    Translating Fire Pro Wrestling S : 6Men Scramble

    well done, always good to see a new translation in progress for saturn !