Nova is still under development


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Nova is a 64-bit app now.

Optimized memory usage, also fixed the memory leaks in the last version.

HLE BIOS was rewritten and re-enabled.

Supported more CD image formats including CDG/CDI/CHD/CSO/DAX/NRG/TOC/ZSO

Supported 7Z/RAR for ST-V games.

Supported multi-session and multi-index CDs.

Supported CD+G/CD+EG playbacks.

Supported Portable Sound Format (.ssf files) playback.

Supported SH2 idling detections.

Supported complete 28 display modes including HDTV/31KC monitors.

Supported multi-cartridge for TITAN mode.

Implemented a new feature one bup per game.

Implemented various graphic filters

more details here :