Daytona Championship USA Classic Edition

Daytona Championship USA Classic Edition 1.0


I present to you Daytona Championship USA Classic Edition, a Classic Mod for Daytona Championship USA I made and as a video is better than a long speech :driver:


  • The great return of original musics! Rolling Star! DAYTTOONAAAAAA!!! Blue Blue Sky:rockin:
  • Sounds in the Menus (Begiiiner! Expert! Please choose Manual or Automatic Transmission and of course the famous Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!)
  • Race sounds (Three, Two, One... Go!!! Time Extension! G.A.M.E. O.V.E.R.)
  • The old voice for the guy on the radio because the new one who keeps yelling in your ears "Try to go easy on the car!" wasn't great
  • No more invasive lasers, it totally prevented me from immersing myself in the game, the first time I saw these lasers I even believed in graphic artefacts linked to emulation so much I found it ugly :jimlad:
  • The menu that appeared/disappeared on the left and where the lasers came from has been removed
  • As well as the menu at the bottom where the banners of the different stables scrolled
  • Main menu background redone (trying to find the spirit of the first Daytona USA)


First of all you need Daytona Championish USA, if you don't have it, don't ask me, for this Google is your friend. :pompus:

For the installation, nothing could be simpler, just unzip and copy the Daytona folder to your current Daytona folder.

Of course I strongly recommend that you make a backup of your files so that you can go back, 1.0 was tested on a "vanilla" version of the game and everything worked directly, there is so no reason for you to encounter problems but you can never be too careful. :online2long:

I want to say that I also did not put the "Classic" settings of my game in the Mod because even if I set my game to have the races in "Classic" mode (difficulty and number of rounds) as well that to have only the "Classic" car I would like to avoid that the Mod destroys the configurations that you would have put in place because I also modified other things such as the language of the game.

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines! :thrasher:
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