GDMenu HD Theme Manager

GDMenu HD Theme Manager 1.17b

Update (16/06/2024)
  • Fixed the theme manager updater as it wasn't correctly downloading new themes.
  • Updated the theme preview generator app to get custom font colors working again.
Update (11/06/2024)
  • Removed a test color preset that isn't needed and made a tweak to the update link url.
GDMenu HD Theme Manager v1.17.png

Update (11/06/2024)
  • This is a complete remake from scratch to simplify and speed up the process and remove a load of code which isn't needed anymore and options that didn't get used, Outside of the initial startup which checks for new themes and the app itself checking if there is a new version, This app fully works offline.
  • I have also cleaned up the folder structure a lot and made it very simple to add your own custom themes, Just place them in 'Assets/Custom' and they will show up at the top of the list.
  • For those who want to customize more of the options, I will leave v1.16 available.


Update (28/05/2024)
  • Fixed an issue where the timing was off and it didn't copy the new 1ST_READ.BIN file to where it needed to go
  • Added an offline mode so the theme manager can be used without internet access, This mode can be activated manually via the button but if my app can't get the online info at startup it will default to the offline mode
  • I've also hidden away some of the options in Advanced to make it less confusing, These can be added back by creating a blank file with no extension in the root directory called advanced
  • I've also changed up the text for importing your own custom theme and/or font so it's a bit more obvious
Update (10/04/2024)
  • Included OpenMenu's menu_data (03/04/24) which adds support for the latest features of the USB4Maple Adapter, You can of course update that manually also.

(If you're having an issue with creating an OpenMenu theme, Please run this app as Administrator)




Update (18/03/2024)
  • Various bugfixes and tweaks.
  • Changed the location of a few things, Fonts is now in Assets, Themes is now in Assets and called Standard, And the Previews folders are in the appropriate theme folders.
  • Updated 'GDMenu Theme Preview Generator' to reflect the new theme and preview folders.
  • Updated 'GDEMU Games List Generator', Now it should be able to detect any game with either ' DISC 1' or ' (DISC 1)' on the end and show it as having none as well as hide the associated DISC 2, DISC 3 and DISC 4 much better than it did before.
  • Updated 'GDMenu Theme Manager' fixing an issue i spotted in the previous version as well as made tweaks to the OpenMenu themes section allowing you to click a previously assigned theme to see the colors associated with it as well as preview the theme in the top right corner, I also tweaked which colors are assigned from the presets so the menu is more clear, Although some presets may need tweaked.
  • Included 10 themes to start you off but then can easily be overwrote from the OpenMenu themes section.
  • Added button which is only visible when 'GDMENU Card Manager' option is selected which will allow you to see the themes (if any) that are applied but not change them, You'll still have to go through the normal process to change them.
  • Replaced 'ReadMe' with a link to my youtube video guide.

Update (11/03/2024)
  • Updated 'GDMenu Theme Preview Generator' as there was a slight issue with it not displaying the games list correctly.


Update (11/03/2024)
  • Updated 'GDMenu Theme Manager' to v1.14 to include and support the latest version of 'OpenMenu RC1' (Dated: 11.03.24).
  • Included the latest version of 'GDMENU Card Manager v2.0.0'.
  • Added support for applying 10 custom themes (10 being the max) to OpenMenu's GDMenu layout, You can apply multiple themes without closing my manager. You can either apply custom colors to those themes from in 'Advanced ~ Font Colors' before the OpenMenu Themes screen pops up or directly on that screen before clicking Apply on a slot you wish to save it on.
  • Updated 'GDEMU Games List Generator' to v1.5 (in the Optional folder) it now will only generate a 'GDEMU Games.txt' file when you open your sd card and click save games list, On loading up your sd card it will automatically rename games with Disc 1 to 6 in them and remove the duplicates so it will list your individual games and give you a more accurate count of them as well as saving the amount and how much free space you have left on your sd card to the txt file.
  • Updated 'GDMenu Theme Preview Generator' (in the root folder) to v1.05 to fix a slight issue with it displaying the information incorrectly which would be saved to your preview and removed the ability to convert a theme to OpenMenu as it's no longer needed and done in the main app.
There maybe an issue where the OpenMenu Themes screen pops up behind the main app so if you don't initially see it check your task bar or move the main app to the side or ALT+TAB.

(27/07/2023) - Updated my 'GDEMU Games List Generator' app to now include how much free space your sd card has left in the created text file as well as show you on the app itself.
This is great if like me you like to keep the list of games you have on the sd card and how much space is left on it handy so you can keep track of what you have as well as share it if needed, I keep a copy of this on my pastebin account.
I recommend going through your list of games on the sd card and renaming the multidisc games to remove the Disc 1, Disc 2 etc from the end of the title in order for this app to work correctly when it comes to generating a proper Games list by removing duplicates, There not really needed at the end of the titles as it tells you on the info section to the right of the screen and you would have put them in the right order anyway.

Update (27/07/2023) - Added support for GDMENU Card Manager, With the help of Sonik the creator of GDMENU Card Manager he has made some tweaks to his manager to fix some issues that were preventing my theme manager from working so now my theme manager works with both managers and now both managers are included with my app and those are what must be used in order to apply the theme and custom settings.
Simply choose which manager you want to use first then select the theme and click Import Theme then click Save and if you want you can also change some of the stuff in Advanced otherwise just click Finalize and then close my app and load up the manager you selected and have it remove GDMENU and reapply it.
If you have any issues specifically with GDMENU Card Manager please report them Here.