GDMenu Theme Manager

GDMenu Theme Manager 1.10


Update (22/03/2022): Fixed issue with downloaded themes not going where they were supposed too as well as added whether a theme is hd or standard to the general theme details.

Update (09/03/2022) - Fixed issue with hd themes not being copied over.
Update (03/03/2022) - Fixed issue with connecting to server.


Update (24/11/2021) - Updated GDMenu Theme Preview Generator to v1.01, All issues should be fixed now with converting the theme to OpenMenu.
Update (17/11/2021) - Accidently had the HD theme previews saving to the wrong folder, That's fixed now.
Update (11/11/2021) - Updated GDMenu Theme Preview Generator as the bottom half of the app was being cut off on lower resolutions.
Update (10/11/2021) #1 - Updated GDMenu Theme Preview Generator to add the needed header to the OpenMenu PVR files.
Update (10/11/2021) #2 - Updated GDMenu Theme Preview Generator to support converting the theme to an OpenMenu compatible one, The theme will replace the OpenMenu GDMenu one and you can find the two pvr files for it in the OpenMenu Folder.
Update (05/10/2021) - Made a small change to how theme previews are done to try to help speed up the previews for HD themes.

Update (16/09/2021) - Updated my theme preview generator to allow you to show/hide the disc info since that is something you can disable in my theme manager.
Update (15/09/2021) - Fixed an issue with HD themes no longer importing.


Update (14/09/2021) - Added an RGB color wheel to the 'Font Colors' section so it's easier to pick the color you want.




Update (13/09/2021) - Added the online HD themes to the main selection list so it's quicker and easier to apply one by simple doing what you'd normally do for a standard theme, Because of this i have removed the online section on the 'HD Theme Selector' however i have left the offline section so you can still use this to import your own HD theme.
I'm also using .Net Framework 4.8 instead of 4.7.2.

Update (09/09/2021) - Updated the theme manager app to show the preview of the hd theme you have selected as well as the filesize.



Update (09/09/2021) - Updated my theme manager to be able to better preview the HD themes as well as download them from online so any theme i create or others create and send me i can add to the online section and they will simply appear on the app for you to download and use. (Clicking download will automatically apply that theme as well so you won't have to do that after)
Also updated my preview generator to version 0.6c and changed it to save the images as jpg, i have been messing around with it lately and that just seems like the best format to use overall given it is just a preview.






UPDATE (08/09/2021) - Fixed an issue with my theme preview generator app which caused it to take longer to close, I also had an issue with some of the preview png files so i changed the resolution to 960p and format to bmp.
I also added an Illbleed HD theme i just made.
UPDATE (07/09/2021) - Removed some of the editing options as they were breaking others, I also tweaked the sizes of some of the menus and moved a few things around.
Also added a green version of my hd pso theme a long with a green font color preset as well as a spongebob hd theme :D
GDMenu Theme Manager:

GDMenu Theme Preview Generator:



Update (07/09/2021) - A much needed update to my theme generator app, Now you can customize the font color to better match how you have your theme setup as well as customize the list of games it displays.
The app also now supports having themes in Assets\HD and Themes, if you have some in both it will ask you which one to use at startup.
Update (04/09/2021) - Added the ability to use any filesize font, Just put the font image in 'Assets\HD' and call it font_8x16.png then click Apply on the option to enable it under 'Advanced - Customize Options' and continue as normal.
I also updated my theme generator app, it's now more clear you can click the image to view a larger adjustable version.
I have also added a 'SEGA' VMU image under 'Assets\VMU' for you to use if you wish and i have also slightly updated my hd theme template and readme.