GDMenu Theme Manager

GDMenu Theme Manager v1.13a


(27/07/2023) - Updated my 'GDEMU Games List Generator' app to now include how much free space your sd card has left in the created text file as well as show you on the app itself.
This is great if like me you like to keep the list of games you have on the sd card and how much space is left on it handy so you can keep track of what you have as well as share it if needed, I keep a copy of this on my pastebin account.
I recommend going through your list of games on the sd card and renaming the multidisc games to remove the Disc 1, Disc 2 etc from the end of the title in order for this app to work correctly when it comes to generating a proper Games list by removing duplicates, There not really needed at the end of the titles as it tells you on the info section to the right of the screen and you would have put them in the right order anyway.

Update (27/07/2023) - Added support for GDMENU Card Manager, With the help of Sonik the creator of GDMENU Card Manager he has made some tweaks to his manager to fix some issues that were preventing my theme manager from working so now my theme manager works with both managers and now both managers are included with my app and those are what must be used in order to apply the theme and custom settings.
Simply choose which manager you want to use first then select the theme and click Import Theme then click Save and if you want you can also change some of the stuff in Advanced otherwise just click Finalize and then close my app and load up the manager you selected and have it remove GDMENU and reapply it.
If you have any issues specifically with GDMENU Card Manager please report them Here.



Update (10/05/2023) - Combined the vmu icon creator and previewer into one menu as well as made improvements, Now the preview is a live preview and will update as you edit/draw your vmu icon and i've also added a Blank button for anyone who wants to start from scratch (this will fill the creator with # which on a vmu is nothing so would just be blank).
I've also added a tick box in the bottom left which when enabled will allow you to highlight areas of the vmu icon and by pressing down your middle mouse button/wheel it will swap around whatever's highlighted so if you highlight one or many # it will switch them to = and vice versa so it will make the process of drawing much faster.


Update (10/05/2023) - Improved the vmu icon creator.




Update (08/05/2023) - Changed the vmu preview button to allow you to simply browse and select the vmu icon file you want to see instead of having to apply it first as well as improved the preview look to closer reflect what you'd see on the actual vmu in terms of color.
Added a built in vmu icon creator so there is no need to mess around with downloading something like HxD and using that to create your vmu icon.

Update (07/05/2023) - Updated 'GDMenu Theme Preview Generator' to v1.03 and added support for 'GDMenu Theme Manager' font color presets, when selecting a preset it will automatically be applied and saved and the RGB boxes and Apply button will be disabled as they're not needed, However if you select the blank preset then will be re-enabled if you choose to enter your own RGB values.
Update (06/05/2023) - Just some code fixes and improvements as well as an update to the 'GDMenu Theme Preview Generator' app to also remove the build in color wheel in favor of just a link to the webpage to prevent crashing for some people, I also disabled the 'Font Color' window from closing so it's easier to mess with the font color on the fly as well as added a little box that will also show the color for the RGB value you entered.
Also on 'GDMenu Theme Manager' i have added a 'Click Here' link that will appear when the app detects the version you're running is lower than the currently released one, It will show up under News to the right of where it will say 'NEW UPDATE AVAILABLE:' and tell you the version number.

Update (04/05/2023) - with HD themes being the way to go now i have removed some of the old options which aren't really useful anymore to simplify the look as well as redid the readme so it's focused on just what you need to do in order to apply a theme.
Also had a few users comment that when trying to adjust the font colors it would crash because of the online color wheel element so i have removed it and just added a link to the one i was using so there shouldn't be anymore crashes due to that.
I have also altered the Apply button for importing a custom HD font (older fonts also work) in Advanced ~ Customize Options so rather than you having to manually place the font in the correct place it will bring up a window for you to select the font you want and put it in the correct place and name it correctly for you.
New themes, vmu icons, a color preset and a font has also been added.

Update (22/03/2022) - Fixed issue with downloaded themes not going where they were supposed too as well as added whether a theme is hd or standard to the general theme details.

Update (09/03/2022) - Fixed issue with hd themes not being copied over.
Update (03/03/2022) - Fixed issue with connecting to server.


Update (24/11/2021) - Updated GDMenu Theme Preview Generator to v1.01, All issues should be fixed now with converting the theme to OpenMenu.
Update (17/11/2021) - Accidently had the HD theme previews saving to the wrong folder, That's fixed now.
Update (11/11/2021) - Updated GDMenu Theme Preview Generator as the bottom half of the app was being cut off on lower resolutions.
Update (10/11/2021) #1 - Updated GDMenu Theme Preview Generator to add the needed header to the OpenMenu PVR files.
Update (10/11/2021) #2 - Updated GDMenu Theme Preview Generator to support converting the theme to an OpenMenu compatible one, The theme will replace the OpenMenu GDMenu one and you can find the two pvr files for it in the OpenMenu Folder.
Update (05/10/2021) - Made a small change to how theme previews are done to try to help speed up the previews for HD themes.