GDMenu Theme Manager

GDMenu Theme Manager 1.10

Made some improvements to the ability to use HD themes, Now all you do is add your HD themes (as any name but still .png) in 'Assets\HD' and when you click apply under advanced settings you will see this:

Now just select the theme you want to apply and click Accept and you're good to go and just need to click Scramble and do the usual from there.
I have also included the HD pso theme i made and HD versions of my friend Riggles bios styled themes.




Updated: (01/09/2021)
Added support for disabling the PVR disc image preview and also the game info, I have also added support for you to use your own larger filesize texture.png so in order to do that you must put your texture.png in to the Assets folder and on the app just click 'Import Theme' with any theme selected then click 'Save' and under 'Advanced - Customize Options' click 'Enable Larger Size Image' then continue to click 'Scramble' as normal.
Now when you launch the included 'GDEMU_SD 1.10' and rebuild the menu and boot it up on the dreamcast you will see your higher quality theme.

I've also set it up so if there is an update you can now click on the 'New Update Available' text to have it take you to the download site as well as updated my 'GDMenu Theme Preview Generator' to v0.2 which lets you click the preview to get a larger version which can be maximized or the size adjusted manually.




Updated: (30/08/2021)
To edit the default GDmenu vmu icon when in GDMenu simply go into the Assets/VMU folder and inside you will see two text files, One is the default ascii art and one is mine like you see in the picture above.
I recommend opening one of those text files with HxD and clicking on View and then click Bytes per row and change it to 48 then on the Decoded text section you should see the text icon you're looking to alter and once done save it under a different named txt file.

Once you have your txt file made simply go to Advanced Settings on my app and click Customize Options and open up your VMU Icon txt file and it will apply it, You can also see a preview of it after it's applied by clicking the preview button.

On the VMU screen it will look different to the preview, Where you see # will be blank and where you see spaces in the preview you will see black text.










Updated: (01/06/2021)
Had some people say some of the menu's were cut off for some reason so now you are able to manually resize them if that's ever an issue for you.
I have also replaced the optional 'GDEMU Games List Generator v1.3' with 'GDEMU Games List Generator v1.3 Mini' which is just a smaller version of the original again for similar reasons of some people saying some of it was cut off for them.
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