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PAK file reader & converter 9/27/97

= Pakread info =

I posted a message to looking for a display program
to show all the illustrations that you can view in SSFA2 for the Sega
Saturn and got NO responses. Well, that sucked, since I wanted be
able to steal 'em to use for my desktop background at work.

So, I went ahead and decoded the .PAK files myself and this program is
the result. Unfortunately, this program has real problems with memory
managers so it might be necessary to boot without them (don't know what
you Win95 folks should do, since I don't have it myself.)

This program was written 'djgpp' and Shawn Hargreaves' Allegro graphic
library for 'djgpp'. Ain't free stuff great?

pakread: Interpret and display a SSFA2 SS*.PAK file.
pakread [-s#] filename [savename]
-s# : Screen size, where # is one of the following:
1 360x240 (DEFAULT)
2 640x480
3 1024x768

During display, the following keys are active:
- : Darken pallete
= : Brighten pallete
s : Save image to .PCX file using savename from command line
q : Exit view

Comments, questions, and inquiries on where to send charitable donations
can be forwarded to me, Tim Scott, at the address:
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