Resident Evil Spanish (Spain) Translation, PAL version

Resident Evil Spanish (Spain) Translation, PAL version 4.1 PAL

Traducción al español de España de Resident Evil para Sega Saturn, basada en el parche v4.0 de Traducciones del Tío Víctor y codesarrollada por Delta Island y Traducciones del Tío Víctor.

Esta descarga contiene el parche para la versión PAL europea del juego y está pensada para consolas que funcionen a 50 Hz. Si quieres jugar a 60 Hz, debes utilizar la versión NTSC-U estadounidense, que podrás encontrar aquí.

Tienes toda la información en el archivo Léeme incluido con la descarga.


Spanish (Spain) translation of Resident Evil for Sega Saturn, based on Traducciones del Tío Víctor's 4.0 patch and developed by Delta Island and Traducciones del Tío Víctor.

This download contains the patch for the European PAL version of the game and is designed for 50 Hz consoles. If you want to play on 60 Hz, you must use the North American NTSC-U release, which you can find here.

This version, 4.1, has the entirety of the game's texts and graphics fully translated and has been carefully tested. On the other hand, these are the changes made since the old PlayStation 4.0 version:
  • Contains all uncensored videos.
  • Subtitle timings have been adjusted in a few cutscenes.
  • Minor rewrites on some Files.
  • Redid the You Are Dead screen, so the text fits both Chris and Jill.
  • Rewrote all item names, item descriptions and generic texts to make them fit into the available space on the English version (fun fact: Sega Saturn's generic English texts were more abbreviated than the PlayStation ones!)
  • Project Members: Crakand, Lozanosky e IlDucci
  • 4.0 Rewrites: TheMarkusBoy e IlDucci
  • Team Lead, Translator, Graphics/Video/Sound Editing: IlDucci
  • Initial Conversion for Sega Saturn: Delta Island/Kitchen34
  • Dedicated Tools: CUE, PacoChan
  • Reverse Engineering for Sega Saturn: Bo, IlDucci
  • Reverse Engineering for PlayStation: MasterLuc, PhOeNiX, IlDucci
  • Sega Saturn Testing: Wesker, Cerbero, Releon
  • Third-party Tools: Jörg Schilling and the CDRTools team, Lameguy64 and the mkpsxiso team, Michael Sabin (jpsxdec), Steve «Klarth» Monaco (Atlas), RedComet (Cartographer), Kingcom and the armips team, Barubary (TiledGGD), SnowBro, Dr. MefistO and Mewster (TileMolester), Stefan Pettersson (Bitmap Font Writer), _Faster (RawToBmp), CUE (psx-mode2), MeganGrass (BioFAT/Bio Apps), Leo2236 (RDTExplorer), Pat Mandin (Reevengi), Halley’s Comet Software and the vgmstream team, jmarti856 and yonsaber (AIFF2VAG), Knight0fDragon (Sega Saturn Patcher, CPK editing kit), Sewer56 (dlang-prs, prs-rs), the FFMpeg team, SuikazeRaider (CPKAudioMixer), Mednafen and Mednaffe teams, Yabause and Kronos teams, SSF team, Stenzek (Duckstation).
Special Thanks: Phoenix from SadNES City, Master_Luc, Pumuke Lee, Snake172002, Seryi, Fali, Pokechar, Numaios, Monicapo, Wesker, Raskaipika and all the testers of version 4.0 (I wish I had written all the names back then and I'm sorry I did not do that).

Version 4.1 (and onwards) Special Thanks: CUE, MeganGrass and the SegaXtreme community for all the Sega Saturn-related information.
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