Saturn Bomberman extended prototype

Saturn Bomberman extended prototype 2024.01.12-01

In 1996, Sega bundled the Flash Sega Saturn: Ochikadzuki-hen with some Saturn consoles. This disc contains a demo version of Bomberman SS, a game that was eventually released as Saturn Bomberman.

The demo lets you play a pre-final version of the game. You can play a single round of Battle Mode before being kicked back to the demo disc menu.

There's more data present, however: essentially the entire game is included. All that's missing are sound and video files. This patch unlocks the hidden functionality, and allows the Normal game mode and the Master game mode to be selected from the title screen and played.

As of this writing, the most significant difference between this prototype and the final build is the set of playable characters:
  • Present: Ziria (from Far East of Eden) and Pretty Bomber
  • Absent: Honey and Kotetsu
Some graphical other differences have previously been documented from the demo. The single player modes have not been thoroughly explored yet.

The patch was constructed as follows:
  • Start with the final Japanese game
  • Diff its program files with the prototype from the demo disc
  • Change the title screen to allow the mode select function to work
  • Change the title screen to enable the TEST OPTION item
  • Change the Battle mode handler to point to the setup function
A writeup with technical details is available at my website.

Apply the patch with Delta Patcher:
  • Original file: Saturn Bomberman (Japan) (Track 01).bin
  • XDelta patch: fss-proto.xdelta
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