1. EmeraldNova

    GalaXmas 2022-12-25

    The ghosts of naughty children past are haunting the woods of northern Canada as Santa makes his way to deliver presents to all the good children of appropriate religious and socioeconomic background. Dead trees are coming alive as Kinder rushing through the forest to attack. Giant Elk stampede...
  2. Frogbull

    Daytona Championship USA Classic Edition

    I present to you Daytona Championship USA Classic Edition, a Classic Mod for Daytona Championship USA I made and as a video is better than a long speech:driver: CONTENTS The great return of original musics! Rolling Star! DAYTTOONAAAAAA!!! Blue Blue Sky :banana: Sounds in the Menus...
  3. dibz

    Arcade things

    So I'm curious, anyone else into owning arcade games around here? I have three Naomi's and an MVS personally. I have the above in my dining room for instance.
  4. Elkplaysandpaints

    My LP channel Elkplaysandpaints Sega Videos

    I've started doing LP videos last year. I go by the name Elk and I plan to also do video paintings of most of the games that I've play on my channel. In keeping with this forum being Sega themed, I've put my videos of Sega games up here. Check them out and let me know if you like them or not...