1. TrekkiesUnite118

    Sega Ages: I Love Mickey Mouse/I Love Donald Duck Collection English patch 0.9.0

    This is the patch I did for last years competition to Translate Castle of Illusion and Quackshot. While I haven't heard of any bugs happening they could still be there. What remains untranslated: Title Screen Game Select Screen.
  2. TrekkiesUnite118

    Grandia English Patch 0.9.1-RC

    This patch will translate the Sega Saturn version of Grandia to English. At this point everything should be in English.
  3. TrekkiesUnite118

    FDD Operator English Patch 1.0

    This will translate the FDD Operator Disc into English while also patching the region to US. You will need to use the Redump rip.