1. Malenko

    Firepro Wrestling Gaiden Blazing Tornado V.91

    English translation of the Saturn exclusive port of FirePro Wrestling Gaiden Blazing Tornado. The only other way to play this game in English is with MAME and the arcade version. The Saturn version is superior not only for the additional modes of play, but also the gameplay mechanic was changed...
  2. Malenko

    Fire Pro Wrestling 6 Men Scramble V.91

    Translation of Fire Pro Wrestling 6 Men Scramble. Everything is translated except for some of the victory road dialog. The most important thing, the Create-A-Wrestler mode, is 100% done. "This patch requires Sega Saturn Patcher v1.95. It can be found here: SEGA Saturn 27th Anniversary Game...
  3. Malenko

    Translating Fire Pro Blazing Tornado

    Files: Blazing Tornado - Google Drive So Ive shown pictures of this in my other Fire Pro translation project, but I think it's better if this game has its own thread. All the main menu text is done: Circuit Mode, aka the Arcade/Story mode.The Japanese text is a bit wordy , so think of this as...