mega drive

  1. TiberiyLTim

    New game for Sega Genesis - Mega Casanova 2

    A new game for the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive has been developed and released. This is an erotic visual novel about the paparazzi. Language in the game: English, German and Russian. ROM is available for download - here Gameplay video (16+) -
  2. J

    SVP / Samsung SSP16xx assembler

    Hello, new poster here! I'm working on my own implementation of the SVP chip inside Virtua Racing on an FPGA (so other people could use this to build their own games based on this architecture). In order to be able to test my design I was looking for alternatives for an assembler to be able to...
  3. Humberto Moura

    My hello world rom (Genesis) runs on emulator, but in everdrive doesn't.

    Hello guys, I made a hello world code based in Big evil corporation tutorial (, a great start tutorial. I think I understood the code, I made several changes, it runs well in emulators like Gens and others. But when I try...