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    SH7091 Hardware Manual 2.0

    The SH-4 (SH7091) has been developed as the top-end model in the SuperH™ RISC engine family, featuring a 128-bit graphic engine for multimedia applications and 360 MIPS performance. The SH7091 CPU has a RISC type instruction set, and features upward-compatibility at the object code level with...
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    AICA (FQ8005) Sound-block User's Manual 1.00

    PDF rendering of the original AICA_E.HTM, with several non-visible changes to the markup to make it render correctly: image src attributes depended on a case-insensitive filesystem converted shift-jis characters to utf-8 corrected malformed shift-jis multi-byte characters the HTML table tags on...
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    Dreamcast/Dev.Box System Architecture 1999-09-03

    Converted from DCDBSysArc990907E.doc in Word 97 and Acrobat 5.0, using the original fonts/styles from the document as authored by Sega.