1. N

    DSP Linker effect code ripped + Attempt at documenting opcodes

    Someone has probably done this already, but it turns out that you can use ResEdit to extract the assembly source code for the DSP Linker's various built-in effects. I'm not entirely sure how much of it works or translates into the DSP's machine code (and some parts have seemingly-obfuscated...
  2. The_SSG

    Gungriffon II English Localized

    Gungriffon II English Localized Alpha build v.0.97 (open alpha build) Gungriffon II Localization Team Members: Samuel "The SSG" Myles Text and image translation and localization Coding and implementation Anthony "Knigh0fDragon" Randazzo Reverse engineering Technical advice Greg "Lacquerware"...
  3. L

    Dead Resources

    I'm looking into developing for the Sega Saturn, and this forum seemed to have very nice resource and documentation pages. However every link I click in any of the stickied threads take me to a page that reads: " SegaXtreme - Error The requested page could not be...