rom hack

  1. privateye

    Radiant Silvergun - Text Removal Hack 1.0

    Hack for Radiant Silvergun on Sega Saturn which stops "PRESS START BUTTON" and "PLEASE WAIT" from appearing during gameplay, thus making it behave like the PC / Switch / Xbox 360 ports. Due to the basic nature of this hack, it also removes "PRESS START BUTTON" from the title screen and attract...
  2. privateye

    Sonic Jam: Tails World 1.0.1

    Hack for Sonic Jam on Sega Saturn which makes Tails the playable character in the 3D "Sonic World" mode. Credit to @bbayles for making the hack: Twitter / X - Website -
  3. privateye

    Sonic 3D Blast / Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island - Special Stage Edition 1.0

    This is a hack for the Sega Saturn port of Sonic 3D Blast which cuts out the main game and allows all seven Special Stages to be played consecutively. Credit to @bbayles for making the hack: Twitter / X - Website -
  4. S

    Sonic 3D Blast: Director's Cut Announced!

    The original programmer of the Genesis/Mega Drive version is working on an unofficial patch to fix some of the more frustrating elements of the game, add save functionality and much more! Looks pretty epic so far! Source...