sega mega drive

  1. N

    Trying to fix Mega Drive game Streets of rage

    Hello there Is anyone familiar with fixing mega drive games that dont work with the 1k resistor fix? have fixed few games in the past but i cant get this one to work,have changed also the cap and reflowed the chip,also checked for continuity and checks out. all the values i get with the...
  2. Chilly Willy

    My current devkit for MD/CD/32X

    I'm posting an arc of the source needed to build my latest toolchain, along with a few examples. All the needed code is included together with a makefile to build everything at once. The toolchain is comprised of gcc 12.1.0 binutils 2.38 newlib 4.2.0 zasm 4.4 Those are all the latest releases...
  3. TiberiyLTim

    New game for Sega Genesis - Mega Casanova 2

    A new game for the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive has been developed and released. This is an erotic visual novel about the paparazzi. Language in the game: English, German and Russian. ROM is available for download - here Gameplay video (16+) -
  4. mantowar4

    Nostalgia. sega mega drive. The creation of the video.

    Hello, I'm making a motion video based on sega MD, nostalgia is everything) what do you like about sega? what associations does it evoke, what makes you think about sega? Sorry for the bad English