10 Years of the Saturn

I've owned 3 saturns.

I bought one braaaand new in 1996. Sold it for 150 two years later.

I another one for 80 bucks but it had nights into dreams!!! Awesome game.

I sold it for a 110 :(.

I am hunting 3 right now. I will get one and then chain it to my TV so I can never sell it again.

I remember kicking myself the day after I sold each one. But I sold them because I couldn't find games for em. But now I am buying one with 10-14 orginal games and now I can download the games and buy a mod chip.

OH and who dares speak badly of Virtua Fighter 2! That game was god I sat there and beat the crap out of that game over and over and over. Kage is my man! I want a Dreamcast just for VF3 and Soul Calibre.
I had a long period when I stopped playing videogames, sometime after the release of the SNES I just got bored with it, but that changed... (I had my Amiga during my non videogaming time though)

I bought my Saturn in february -96 (TI99, C64, NES, SMS, Amiga & GB prior), traded it for another one in -02 (had to get the "new" round button-system for modchip), bought one a month later since the first round button-system was 20-pin.

I remember being so amazed by Daytona USA and VF, and when I heard Virtua Cop was comming out I just had to get it. By the time I had the cash for it VF2 was already out and that was the first game I bought, don't remember if I bought it at the same time or not, but VF2 was the first game I played on my own Saturn so it seems likely. ;)

The game after that was Sega Rally... and I generally don't even like racing games, but Sega Rally is probably the game I played most in my life, we just couldn't get tired of the splitscreen races (occasionally even nowadays)

And I remember that on the releaseday of NiGHTS i found the money for it in the streets (was planning on skipping that one, since I was short of cash for both that game and Sonic X-treme, wich was coming out just the month after... we all remember how fun that was.)

At this point I've put my Saturn in storage (in my home, can't figure out the english word for the place, it's not a shelf and it's not a closet :p), Have plans of getting it out later this week or the next. Still have a shitload of games to evaluate. :)

ST Dragon:

Putting down Sega Rally and Virtua Fighter 2, and still no lifetime ban!!! :D

Seriously though, look at VF2 and compare it to Tekken 2... especially since you seem to be located in Europe, the PAL-version of Tekken 2 is so slooow, and talk about blocky (that goes for the NTSC-version aswell ;)). I acctually laughed out loud the first time I played it, no kidding.