20 Pin MODS!

Going by the picture, they're just the same mods that Lik-Sang/Lan-Kwei and others sell.

Definitely not 20 pin.
But I was talking to a guy and he said there was two versions of those ribbon no wire mods like that. One has a 21 pin connector, and one has a 20 pin. They both look similar apparently. But if you take the image and count the piano keys which plug into the board it has 20 on that place. Just like they said. I suppose for the other half you need to cut the ribbon wire or something.
Buy one and find out.

I've never heard of a 20 pin mod that looks like that.

It doesn't mean they don't exist, I just think it's really unlikely.
Your the pro
But personaly I'v seen one like that except with a silver thing on it, and I'v seen my buddys who's looks like that exactly. Assuming he's got the same (Which is a vertual match) Both are 20 pin mods, but when my buddy fixed his, he needed to cut the ribbon that came with it to 20 pin to make it fit into the saturn.
I'm guessing the silver thing is a crystal. The PCB has space for one and a hex inverter as well. I've never seen a 'complete' one like that either. *shrug*

If you've actually seen one before your eyes, then I'll believe you.

I just don't see why they would have designed a 20 pin version as well as a 21 pin version when combo 20/21 pin designs existed.
Who knows! Those crazy HK guys do anything for a buck!

I'm gonna see if I can get one of my Chinese friends to order one for me. It would be sweet ass to have a 20 Pin.
If i wrote and email to this guy, would he be able to read the English? I would buy one.. i mean, its via paypal, and its only a few $.. i'd try one out!
My buddy just got back to me. He emailed the guy and he said they actually sell 3 kinds of Saturn Mods (Although they only list the 20 pin). When my friend asks about them here is what they told him.

20 Pin IC Chip: Used for older model system only.

21 Pin IC Chip (Plug-In): Cheap version for newer systems, however has many compatibility issues. Does not work on 64 pin style chip model.

21 Pin IC Chip (By-Pass): More expensive (pass through model). Works on all new machines (100% Compatible). No timing wire, so everything is built in (I guess they have the crystal and crap on it). Can order the needed ribbon cable seperate.

My friend said the store guy recommended the pass through model since it works on all new machines. The cheaper one only works on 32 pin style chips. He said some people try to short the timing wire to make it compatible, but this is not the correct “function” and may damage the IC (Whatever that means) so no store does this.

The last thing my friend mentioned is that the picture sample may not be the exact same as the IC, but all work the same as the model type you order.

So anyways, Kick ass! Time to get him to snag a 20 pin for me.
Originally posted by MegaMixeD@Apr 27, 2003 @ 04:02 PM

He said some people try to short the timing wire to make it compatible, but this is not the correct “function” and may damage the IC (Whatever that means) so no store does this.

That's a load of crap.

There is nothing electronically different between connecting the 'A+B' points on a mod board and soldering to the CD board. It sure as hell isn't shorting anything.

Any idea if they can communicate in English?
Ya, that does sound like BS, but although the explanation was odd, the reasoning is good. Most stores don't give a damn if the thing works in your unit, let alone give you a choice of models unless you actualy bring the unit in personaly.
Hmmm... Trying to translate that page with Babelfish, I get a better translation when I select Korean to English than I do choosing Chinese to English... Odd...

And when I pick Japanese to English, I get the best translation yet...

So just what language is the page in???
I REALLY want to order from this guy, and I'm willing to risk a few bucks even if it doesn't turn out legit. If it does turn out legit, I could tell you the results. I attempted to email the guy at Lamwei99@yahoo.ca to see if he could understand English, but have received no reply? Is this the email address you guys used, or did you talk to him in native?

On a side note, the page autodectects as Chinese for me.
Well I wrote a letter about copiers/repair and I got a reply, though I wrote in Chinese. But for anyone who's intrested they can repair/sell/replace the following units for the Super Famicom.

Pro Fighter X

Super UFO

Game Doctor III

Game Doctor 6

Game Doctor 7

Super Wild Card DX

Smart Bros (China Coach Ltd)


And a few other mainstream stuff. They sell DR. PC Juniors and V64s as well, those items not listed need to be special ordered. Prices seem ok, but I think I'l stick to local stores since its still cheaper.
if anyone can actually get an order through here, i would be really interested to know how. also, if anyone is willing to buy multiple chips and make a couple bucks, i think i'm not the only one who would be willing to pay shipping plus a couple extra bucks to get a 20 pin saturn board. damn..if only i could read chinese...the nice thing is, it looks like he'd ship over to here because the prices are listed in US$
My buddy got my stuff in today so its time to do some 20 pin modding! Well, ok, its really only just plugging in a cable but whatever. No fuss, no muss! I don't think he's gonna have trouble doing it. Heh, came with instructions, though I can't read em
Hey MegaMixeD, if you're still here, did you ever get that mod board to work? I bet a lot of people are interested.
Forget it.

He seems to be in the "I can get get mods and you can't" club that was founded by Cecilia.
Well if anyone ever figures out if they actually have working 20 pin mods, and wants to order a bunch, I too would be willing to buy 1 or 2 of them for a few dollars profit to the person who orders them from the site.
I dunno, but that site looks fake. the prices are too low even for a HK shop, it's on angelfire, their email is a yahoo address, and except for the order info and shopping cart, they have no links whatsoever.. the button bar at the top (I'm guessing it's supposed to be one) as well as the banners/images at the left and the text links at the bottom all seem fake and aren't linked to anything.