32X UK/US cart compatibility


BTW Great site and forum

I bought Motocross and NFL QB from a US vendor and there is conflicting info on whether NTSC/PAL 32X carts do work on different platforms so I gave it go

Well NFL QB NTSC does work on a PAL setup (this game is made by Acclaim - maybe omitting the region lockout)

Motocross displays: "only for use on NTSC Mega Drive & NTSC Genesis systems"

Maybe worth noting that maybe non-sega developed 32x games are cross platform compatible???

I am willing to butcher my 32X and Mega Drive 2 to make a 50/60HZ switch, no one seems to have done this on a 32X yet, but I want to try - where do I start?

The PAL Mega 32X has "MARS" and "NTSC" printed on the board, so it is maybe possible? I can post digi pics of the 32x if anyone wants.


I have read virtually every thread on this board regarding the 32X and I believe the majorl reason it can't be done is that people are afraid of opening up the 32X and having a go.

The SMS, MD/Genesis 1/2/3 all could be modded and the PAL 32X does have NTSC printed on the PCB, somewhere in that maze of circuits it can be done!

Still you are the boss and judging by your posts and expertise if you say it can't be done then maybe it can't?!!
I read that the 32X doesn't have a region lockout, it just using the Megadrives region.

Might be wrong though...