4mb Cart how does it work

Hi all, i recently purchased a Action Booster Pack 4mb Plus cart, for x-men vs sf & others, but it does not reconise it is there, i have a uk model 2 saturn, is there anything special i need to do, or is the cart just broken, have tried switch both ways????????????
How do you mean that it does not recognise it is there?

Is there no Action Replay menu when you boot up?

If so this sounds like the problem megametalgreymon was having.

-####, can't find the thread
exactly the same problem as im having

maybe uk customs fried the carts?

has anyone else actually used these carts from liksang? and if so do they get a menu or anything?
have you tried with the switch in both positions?

mine appears to work for teritory lockout, i havent been able to try the ram cart function, and there doesnt appear to be any save ram function, since nothing is shown in the memeory manager screen
A switch?

I was under the impression that this was just an AR clone, but it has switch. What is it meant to do?

If the cart's menu is the same as an AR's, you still save to the Saturn's internal RAM, but can copy back and forth to/from the cart.
mal: The switch on an AR (never seen an original Saturn AR, I'm speaking of AR hardware in general) is usually used to control whether or not patched values are written to RAM, but depending on how the software is written, a switch could be used to control pretty much anything.

megametalgreymon: from what I've seen of AR-style hardware, if your cart is working for territory lockout, then it should be working for any onboard memory manager or cheat code interface too. Just having territory lockout working is pretty strange (assuming that there actually is other stuff on the cart).
ExCyber: is the switch a physical hardware or software thing? I'm assuming it's physical.

My two carts, an AR+ and an AR4M have no switches.

Any patching is done via the cheats menu at start up.

Try as I may, I can't find anything else out about this cart on the 'net.
I'm talking about a physical switch on the unit, readable by software.

As for finding out what functions the cart actually has, I'd certainly like to take a look at the firmware of the cartridge in question, but to dump it might be a bit of work since it has no commslink port. The only way I can think of to do it without building hardware or desoldering the ROM is to write a program that dumps it to a Saturn save file, then use the AR4M Plus to transfer that save file to PC (though at the moment I can't remember if the AR4M Plus even supports this... :( ). The actual program of the AR4M Plus (including graphics) is only about 64KB, so at worst I think it would only be necessary to run the program a few times.
Direct saves aren't supported on *ANY* of the 4 in 1 carts to my knowledge.. only in the cart's boot screen can saves be transferred from system memory to the cart. *Also read about this in the Ultimate Saturn FAQ*
Yeah, kind of disappointing. How big is the official Saturn save cart? I can't remember if it's 512KB (4Mb) or 4MB.
Check the details of your cart again.

I remember that when I was surfing, looking for my AR+ , which hasn't arrived yet, and I ordered it at august 17th :( , there were some carts announced as 4mb ones (in the big letters). The problem with them was that in the "details" or in the manufacturers home page they said "for save your games" and stuff like that.

Another thing is that you aren't plugging your cart correctly. Sometimes I get errors and malfunctions because of this with one "4th" party cart (just has the word "goldenfinger" written on it), which allows gameshark codes, have backup memory and is country converter.

By the way, I have 2 AR+ which doesn't boot, no matter what I do with them (I don't have a PC comm card to flash the bios, assuming that it is the problem). If you find out how to repair your cart, please let me know.
I hear you there Gear.

I bought an AR+ tinking it was a 4MB ram and save.


I have since bought an AR4M...
I had a problem with my Saturn Booster (AR cart), the saturn wouldnt recognise it was there when it was fully pushed in, so try pulling it up a bit, presumably so the connections, connect properly.
the switch is usually to switch between 1 MB and 4 MB, for the games that have probs with 4 MB carts.
Arakon, do newer AR4Ms have these problems? Are you talking about the Vampire Savior problems that early carts had?

Or something else completely?
some of the SNK games have graphic glitches when used with a 4 meg cart.. I think SamSho 4 is one of them.