About Croc

I bought a copy of Croc for about a week ago (wonderful game, a bit childish, but very fun and great Gfx!). Inside of it there was a label that said that i had to start the Saturns cd-player and then insert the cd to play the game. I did this and it ran perfectly, but i wondered why, so i tried starting it as usual, and then all caracters lacked loads of polygons and some things were not visible at all. What i wonder is why? Does it uses another Co-processor for 3d calculating, like Grandia? I mean, Croc looks fantastic. Also, are there any other Saturn games that uses this teknique?
The programmers probably forgot to initialize a memory area, and going through the CD player sets it up correctly. That it got through quality control means no-one ever tested it on a production machine which is pretty incredible.

As to whether the game is using the SCU DSP or not, it probably doesn't matter. The graphics aren't that complicated and there definitely isn't much else for the CPUs to choke on.