AIWA Sega System

Originally posted by antigov@Sep. 24 2002, 12:58 pm

Frankly, I'd rather have an X'Eye.

what's that look like?
Yeah ok I've seen that one.

Pretty sweet

Did you ever notice, Sega had more "hybrid" systems than anybody else? Or did I miss a bunch of others?
Ya, I think Cecilia posted a picture of her unit long long time ago when intrest was high about stuff people haven't seen from HK.
CSG M1 D'AIWA (radio-cassette, lecteur cd, méga cd et mégadrive en une seule machine)

Translation - Cassette, Radio CD-Player, and a Sega CD all in one.

What, no LCD screen?

if you are going to get a boombox, why not get one with a Sega CD in it as well?
Bragging? No less than the people here who go "I just won XXX of ebay for cheap!" or "I got a CDX from a pawn shop for like $20 bucks!"