ASCII FT Pad VS Saturn Pad

Well the obvious problem apart from the price with the ASCII pad is the way the cable cames out from the back of the pad, another let down is that a VMU must be inserted on the pad this may cause the pad to be a little heavy, but this what I suppose, one of my major doubts is how the d-pad behave is it as good or better than the Saturn pad? The saturn adaptoids are way cheaper than the ascii pad but I think its always better to get the official products since they are more reliable, the price is definitly an advantage to the adapters like total control or the dream connection.


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Isn't the ASCII FT Pad based on the Sega Saturn controller? Well aside from those terrible shoulder buttons, my Saturn controller is one of my favorites (I've got a different kind that is a lot like the FT Pad, not a 3rd party controller either). I'd get the converter and use your Saturn controller on the Dreamcast. Even the cheapest converters (like the no-name brand GC/PS2 converter I bought) tend to convert perfectly, I never used an FT Pad before, but I doubt it is much better than a Saturn controller.
Yeah thats what I ended up doing I bought the Total Control plus 5 3in1 works freaking great!! I figure it out since the ascii ft pad does not have shoulder buttons it wouldn´t be as usefull as the saturn pad example Ikaruga with the adapter it works like the mad catz dream pad the L and R shoulder are triggers for C and Z so you can assign the energy release to the R button just like Radient Silvergun :p , so the adapter is indeed better more options and a LOT cheaper.