BEST SF2 Champion Edition conversion....

One of these days I was testing KEGA emulator and I came across a pirate Street fighter 2 for the genesis, I've seen it a lot of time ago and never played it again...

Then I decided to see how good is it... and I CAN'T BELIEVE AT ALL THAT IT'S A PIRATE ORIGINAL. I explain myself.

This "pirate" game seems, more than a pirate original, a leacked beta from what SF2 champion edition from capcom must be. As most will know, capcom wanted to release SF2 CHAMPION EDITION for sega genesis but finally decided to release it as SF2 "SPECIAL" Champion Edition that was the turbo version with champion edition available, like de snes version, so they delayed the release of the game while they do the changes.

The pirate/beta is 16 meg and special champion edition is 24.

But I was ABSOLUTELY AMAZED with this pirate/beta thing.

My theory is that it's a beta from capcom someone leacked and released with some minor changes like the title screen (ST2 TURBO instead of Street Fighter 2 Turbo) and nothing more, as the game itself

First of all, the playlibility is almost the same as the arcade or final genesis version on champion edition mode. Something that pirates are not used to be able to do, I think.

Also, all the backgrounds are the same as the SF2 world warrior (identical to the snes version because of resolution but with less colors) and not the same of the final special champion edition for genesis or the ones on the turbo snes edition.

On these backgrounds we can see the word capcom on almost every place it's on the other oficial versions (Ken's ship, Balrog's stage...)

The backgrounds use less colors than the final gennersis release, because the fighters do use more.

Talking about the fighters, all the sprites were DIFERENT from the final version... at first sight they seem the same because of the resolution, but they have better colors. Palette is a difference but not much, they're different because if you look at them side by side they're the same frames but diferently "resized" from the original arcade, as if they have done them all from the scratch again for this version.

This is one of the things that could prove this is a pirate and not from capcom because are not the same frames capcom used on all it's 16 bit version... but this1) will pirates redo all the frames with that quality and 2) most important: will pirates do it better than capcom? because in this version there are MORE animation frames than in any other 16 bit version! Ryu and Ken have 4 frames for it's still animation (like in the arcade), while other 16 bit versions have 3... and Chun Li have ¡7! frames for it's walking animation, ¡the same as the arcade!, while the rest of the 16 bit versions have 5... and this goes on for a lot of animations...

Graphics are BETTER, in my opinion, in that version than on the final genesis release, and it's the 16 bits version with more frames per fighter.

The sound, in my opinion, is BETTER TOO, because voice samples are better than the final genesis version (not too dificult), they sound strange but not as BAD as the final ones.

And the music is where I was amazed too, because It sounds great with lots of drums (that are a lot anoying at the end), but the best thing is when a fighter is about to loose a round. On the arcade, the music of the stage changes for a faster and DIFFERENT version of the music while on of the fighters have few life remaining, a short fast and good music. But all 16 bit versions changed it, for room reasons I supose, so instead of changing the music, it's the same of all the fight but with more speed... well, not all 16 bit versions, because in this pirate/beta one all the arcade musics are here!

Finally, capcom in the special champion edition give you the option to change between kicks or punches with the start button if you have a 3 button pad... but if you want to play it with, for example, 2 punches and 1 kick, like you're used to because on your fucking arcade the game has only 3 buttons, you CAN'T.

You've to have all punches or kicks and change when you need... I really wanted to be able to have a combination and change with start to the other combination... well, this pirate/beta let you to do it as well.

For all that reasons, I really think this is the BEST SF2 CE conversion, at least for genesis, better than the final edition, the only bad thing is that it has no endings when you win bison... strange because all the ending text were on the rom (can be seen with a binary editor) and all the musics were too (sound test), but that's not the point, the point is: Is someone able to give me information about if it's really a leaked beta, if it's an amazing pirate original (I really don't think it but who knows), or simply give more information about it to me? Someone told me it was released EVEN BEFORE than the final version (logic if it's leaked beta). Information apreciated, thanks!

(and sorry for the long book I've write here
but I'm really interested on the story of this rom, it seems very interesting to me
I've been trying to collect as many pirate carts as possible during my vacations. Can someone please PM me about where they are finding pirate images so I can check them out on my MGH? Jeeezzz... Goggle just isn't helping me at all!
Originally posted by racketboy@May 3, 2003 @ 01:07 AM

you have this on a cart??

or just a ROM?

Quoted from Devil Ken Masters post:

One of these days I was testing KEGA emulator and I came across a pirate Street fighter 2 for the genesis..


I've also tested this Version and I must say, it's quite nice.. More animations and better colored characters.. Really cool...
Originally posted by vbt@May 3, 2003 @ 05:08 AM

I'd like to know if it's one of these ROMS on ROMNation ? There are some called Street Fighter 2 Plus Champion Edition (J).If not where can I find it ?

No.. Those are just Japanese versions of SF2 Special Champions edition.. Not the hacked sf2 turbo rom..

I could tell you where to find the hacked rom easily, but then this thread would be closed..
I doubt it. If thats all it took to get a thread closed or people banned, this place would have been axed long time ago with the FTP Forum.
This sounds realy amazing...

But then again, some pirate games do amaze me!

(Especialy convertions and stuff)

It might be a convertion from the arcade to the Genesis/MD as some pirate companies like to draw in as much as possible...

Here are some things that could be compared/checked between the versions:

Black screens (between, character select and battle) how long is the time black screen is up?

Music, how's the music quality?

I'd say this is a Arcade 2 Genesis pirate port...

But there is a chance that it's a leaked/hacked source from Capcom...

I'll give it a try on my backup unit sometime later...