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I am looking for a sega cd that works for a good price and I found one on for about $40.I was wondering if this place is reliable?If not is anyone selling a used working one for a good price?

Raijin Z

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I believe so. They've been around forever, everyone knows about them, and I've never heard a single complaint against them.


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Yes, I agree that Buyrite is reliable.

I import stuff every so often, and I've never been

ripped off. Their prices are very competitive and I highly

recommend them. The only complaint I have is that shipping can take a little long.


Ban Hammered
I hope all of you are kidding around wit the nephew, i heard bad things about buy rite...they even have a website dedicated to how bad it is...i'm guessin thez boyz just playing fraud wit ya.


I had two bad experiences with buyrite.... they never sent me what I ordered, and it took forever to get the cash.... bastards...


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I haven't been here in a long ass time, and im shocked people actually replied to a post i made so long ago.