C4 judging finished, C4 - 2005 CD released!


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The C4 - 2005 got a winner and the C4CD is out!

Finally the judges have decided about all entries of the C4 - 2005 Saturn Coding Contest and what a surprise, the winner is a Saturndev newcomer! In addition to the bunch of prizes for the 1st place, he also gets the newcomer award. Respekt!

Just as if that's not enough of surprise, the 2nd winner is a newcomer, too!

According to a judge

every single entry seemed to be an improvement over currently existing homebrew

and that's what all contestants can be proud of!

Every owner of a SEGA Saturn, don't miss this C4CD 2005:


Unpack the rar archive and burn the CUE sheet on CD-R (CD-RW is no good) slowly (<= 8x) with Nero, CDRWin or compatible.

Run CD on a modchipped Saturn or perform the swap-trick.

The C4CD 2005 features an improved Atlas (multi game boot disc application) with high resolution display and a new font, too.

View all C4 entries along with detailed judge comments and ratings at the C4 results page.

Special thanks to the C4 prize sponsors and donators:

http://www.racketboy.com and www.frikidonia.com

Originally posted by Reinhart@Wed, 2005-12-14 @ 10:34 AM


VBT is mocking at me !

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No, I liked the design, it was also animated. Don't you like your entry Reinhart ?
Originally posted by vbt@Wed, 2005-12-14 @ 06:54 PM

No, I liked the design, it was also animated. Don't you like your entry Reinhart ?

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Lot's of people are addicted to RPG games of that type and judges liked it, too. Reinhart has got a very nice library of selfmade Saturn games and this is something only few people can come up with. You submitted a game to the contest which is what a lot of people where not able to. He seems to forget this sometimes ;) .

Reinhart, you should make an Atlas boot disc with all your entries on :agree !