Can anyone help me find a file?

well i guessed these boards are mainly about file sharing because there is always about 2-3 people in the ftp area to every 1 in the general. i once saw like 13 in ftp but only like 2-3 in general. it's true, they might have mostly been guests. but this still means that the main point that most people see these boards for is ftp info. and yes you can "legally" own a "backup" of a game you own. but in the manual of most games it says "Unauthorized copying, reproduction, rental, public performance or broadcast of this game is a violation of applicable laws." taken straight from the panzer dragoon manual. so notice the illegal-ness of you guys sharing these games over the internet without the consent of their respective companies.
jastnorn, If you have this whole Idea cut out in your head about this site, and disagree with everything about it why are you even here? ???

This site is really about alot more things than just FTP's, in fact the most used forum on SX seems to be "general", not FTP.

Just because there are some leechers that like to mis-use the FTP section doesn't mean everyone is out to do that.

I have been visiting this site long before I started posting here, I always found it cool just the amount of knowlege people like Arakon or Mysticales, or mal are willing to share with others, in fact the enthusiasm of people like them got me to dig my old sega systems out of the closet, fix them up and start buying games again.

If you think this is a site just for software trading, and nothing else, then you are way off track.

All I can say is to (1.) take a step back and see what SX is really about, or (2.) you could always find someplace else to post.

I hope you will do the former.
i didnt say that is what it was ALL about. just seems to be the main point. that being the "preservation" of sega by helping people get new games and to continue to play sega systems and games. with this i see this site's main point being to have people set up ftps and share their games.

to think, this all started because someone asked for help finding a game. he wasnt begging nor was he being an evil prick and demading it. he simply asked.
Originally posted by falstaff@May 23 2002,18:02

Are you applaudind jastnorn?!?!?!??!??????

Aye, I am.

He hit the nail on the head.

I have already made my statements about how I feel about these boards, the admins, and the whole site in general. If you weren't lucky enough to read them when they were originally posted, too bad for you.

I could always say that you could priv message me about it but I imagine that an admin and/or mod would get rather upset and ban me... since certain ones feel the need to completely and totally tout their "ban" power.
In all sincerity, Cynnamin, Why do you stay if you are unhappy with the board? Is it the on-line friendships you've established here? I'm sure you would be missed if you left us. Every forum needs at least one descenting voice for equilibriums sake. And I love a good debate. If you wish to share your reasoning per the above post, try

I'll at least listen before firing up the atomic flame thrower.
got it. read it. Your right. Forums should be used as intended and no one should be above the law, to quote Perry Mason. By the way, it was just getting real interesting when it ended. Damn.