Can't Get Stereo with Gen 1 Genesis/Cd/32x

I got a Stereo Audio Video Cable when I got my 32x and I was finally happy to be able to play Snatcher and Lunar with great Video and Stereo sound, but to my dismay the cable I got didn't work. So I ordered a new one off of Ebay and I hooked it up to my 32x, agine no stereo sound I borrowed my friend version 2 Genesis and It worked fine. I have a crappy mono cable that uses the big port that hooks in fine with my model 1 Genesis and I get audio but it's mono and doesn't work with the 32x. This is how it's all hooked up, I have a model 1 Sega Cd attachted to a model 1 Genesis and an 32x. With all the line converters running out the back of the Genesis to the 32x. I heard that the Genesis only produces Mono sound but I have an Rca Y Splitter comming out from the headphone jack hooked in to my Harmon/Hardon reciever and I get stereo sound. Any help would be great, sorry for such a long post.
Get a stereo mixing cable, (one with 1/8 in headphone plugs at both ends) and run it from the front of the genesis to the back of the sega cd, then run the rca L/R out to your reciever.


Also the Genesis 1's A/V out doesnt output stereo audio. But I might be wrong.

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Yeah, you are right - the genny 1 only outputs stereo through the headphone jack. I'm not too sure how that works with the SCD tho'...