i was at a msg board where everyone is 14+ and its dumb cause they are soo strick in censoring that you can't say hell damn shit without it coming out like **** **** **** like what is the point?? when did we learn those words i think i learned them way back when i heard my parents say em.
Maybe their just thought police too. Or not. Who know? For me myself I do think we over use them in today's society. I have nothing against them and even use them myself. But judisciouly. Swear words bring emphasis to what we are saying and for me their place is for when I wish to express extreme emotion. When I use them, people who know me, listen up because they recognize that I use them rarely, it grabs their attention.

But, in my own opinion, for whatever that may be worth, when they are used every other word, we get desensatized to them and they loose their effectiveness. It's like the little boy who cried wolf in Esop's tales. Nobody takes it seriously, especially when we need them too.

(for people who want to tell me to go to hell.....the line forms to the right.
hehe nice pic gear
hahaha. and i am not all against the evils of politically correctness i mean i could easily let them ban the harsher swear words but not my main three of hell damn shit and they are really tame when you think of the other words.
Vulgarities have a certain audible quality to them so that when spoken it adds extreme emphasis to a sentence. The fact people want to pull that out of a sentence strikes me as stupid.
What I can never understand is whem people type f*ck or sh*t.

For fuck's sake, when you go that far what's the point?

Television isn't much better. Hmm, what does f_ck mean boys and girls?
Federal Chinesse Kuppas?

How about

Freedy Cheesy Kooks. =P

But still I KNOW why people put the F*uck in, its to show that your not ignorant and just curse for hell of it without any regard to anyone who may be offended to it.
The asterix changes nothing. It's just ignorant people thinking it cleans it all up and makes it nice and proper. Anyone can work out that you're swearing. If you really want to show respect for other people's sensibilities, don't do it in the first place.
Wha ha ha ha !!

swearwords in english have no special meaning for me, but here, cesuring them is really strange, in TV or other media. I think it´s only hypocrisy, when all the world is saying them in normal life...
after the 9pm watershed in this country we assume that all the children are in bed and we play what the hell we like on TV, i remember once when they were playing the classic film "logan's run" wasname's breasts were shown just 3 minutes after 9pm and pissed a few people off. The response was the same as usual. "your kids should be in bed. You know when the watershed is its your own fault" To make it all even better French connection has been advertising itself as FCUK (french connection UK) at my local branch, it has FCUK in big black letters up the side. Everyone round here knows it as "the fuck shop" :)
A mate of mine got a GREAT deal on a server, but the server admins were very clean wanting. No swearing was allowed on the site, forums too.. could be the same server
I agree with excessive use being stupid, but I don't see censorship doing any good. Consider:



Stupid message with "damn" every other word: it's plainly obvious that the person is being stupid.

Intelligent message with "damn" used for emphasis: message is conveyed as intended.



Stupid message with "damn" every other word: it's plainly obvious that the person is being stupid. If they're profoundly intent on displaying their stupidity, they'll probably use variant spellings or some other way to get around the filter.

Intelligent message with "damn" used for emphasis: message is bastardized and loses its potential impact due to the disruption caused by the missing word.

What really pisses me off is when a forum is sponsored by a company, and e.g. their competitors' URLs are on the censor list.
Originally posted by ExCyber@June 02 2002,08:59

What really pisses me off is when a forum is sponsored by a company, and e.g. their competitors' URLs are on the censor list.

tff, reminds me of Tony Hawk 3 on the Gamecube. This one song in their said "Playstation 2", so in the Gamecube version (dunno aabout Xbox version, but I would assume it would be edited too) they edit out the word "Playstation 2".
I think there are only two good things that come out of censorship. First, it makes shows like South Park all the more funny. And second, hypothetically, if there was no censorship what-so-ever, you could be flipping through channels and land on some beastiality porn. Now, personally, that's not my kind of thing and I do not want to see that crap.

But, as far as censorship on language, I think that is utterly ridiculous. I remember I was watching MTV (a sheer testiment to how very bored I was that day), and a video for a song called "Jesus or a gun" came on and the word Jesus was censored out. Also, I've noticed this on most networks, whenever a person says "Goddamn..." God is bleeped, but the damn is unchanged. That seems odd to me.
Lets REALLY talk, back in 80s and early- mid 90s Sexual content was blocked, OR least rated "R" or "M"

NOW its Pg-13 with all types of things, half dressed, sex, etc. Either the new generation has grown liberal now that it doesnt affect them much. Or the world is becoming sicker.

In south usa and europe, Sex is above 16 (To own or buy) So its liberal, walk into store, see it, oh well, nothing offending,

North usa, its all in shops only above 18. Funny how that all is.