CodeScape for SH and GCC


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Just a simple question, do you think if I buy the latest CodeScape I will be able to make suitable programs for Saturn ? Maybe there are some thing to do to make it working like including all Sega libraries.

Also I'm sill wondering how to use the latest GCC to compile Saturn prog. It could help many developers for the contest to make faster progams.
Originally posted by TakaIsSilly@Apr 26, 2003 @ 09:52 PM

Those debuggers/IDE are useless without a JITAG connection

It's not really for debugging but for having a real IDE (instead of EditPlus for me) and also a better compiler than the old GCC 2.7

For the latest GCC I will search in your posts, Thanks.
A bit off-topic but I wander if it is possible to have a complete Saturn dev environnement under Linux ? By complete, I mean the compiler and a tool to transfer progs from pc to saturn (commlink)
vbt, you can download an older version of Hitachi's IDE from KPIT. The KPIT toolchain plugs into the IDE, so there shouldn't be many settings that need tweaking. You can also download Charles MacDonald's demos to see how to compile working Saturn binaries using KPIT's toolchain.

Reinhart, most *nix IDEs are centered around GCC, so no problem there. To send the programs to the Saturn you can use the Caetla device driver (though I'm unsure where you can download it from nowadays as doesn't exist any longer) and ExCyber's send tool. Most IDEs allow you to add user-defined commands, which is where you plug these in (this works on Windows too, as long as you use a command-line transfer tool).