Command and Conquer Generals

Ok, Command and Conquer Generals is out now. And what timing: the US is about to enter Iraq, political turmoil is the general groove, and now we have a game that lets you play as "terrorists", China and the grand ol' US of A. Zeesh. I know this has got to be touchy with some people. I've only started playing the game with China, but it doesn't bother me that much. I think Westwood just took the overbloated caricature of the US side to Chinese - it's definitely from a western perspective. How do you guys feel about the representation? Again, I haven't gotten to the GLA yet, but I can assume it gets pretty stinky from what I've played. Personally, during the training mission, I thought all flag-waving jargon of the us troops to be a bit irritating, but it's a free country. Perhaps this title will shake things up.