Create Your Own TP Storyline

Link arrives at Hyrule Castle after his long journey from revisting Termina. Sure, Link had his fill of action during his first visit to the port town. However, this latest visit was for seeking new trade deals with the newly discovered land.
While walking down the enormous halls of Zelda's castle, Link cannot ignore the sense of evil that fills the air. What had happened to his beloved Hyrule while he was gone? The castle appeared to be in order and all seemed...right.....but Link's: no, it all had to be in his head. Link was gone for quite a time; Years, to be in fact. Traveling back to Termina was rough and he lost his path many times. The Forrest does not take too kindly to strangers even if the are as legendary as the Hero of Time himself. But during this time spent living off whatever meat and shelter he could find, Link was able to mature physically. The young man with the Triforce of Courage can now say he is of 17 years of age. Older than the Hero of Time was at the age of defeating Ganon.
Funny how Ganon would run through Link's mind as he returned to Hyrule Castle. Link, Zelda, and all the sages know that Ganon may never return to Hyrule after the magical seal was placed on him. Yet, the ever growing sense of evil that remains in the air *whom at this point no one appears to be aware of as dancers are enticing knights and the fair maidens continue to gossip about the daily events occuring in the castle* is detectable only by Link.

Add another chapter to this story. Why is Link bothered by this Evil? Is Ganon truly powerless in his alternate dimension? Is Zelda safe in her room or has she been captured by a rogue Stalfos? Find you write it!
link gets pissed and saves zelda then they bury the triforce then build a house on top so noone can get it and they just hang out and watch tv till death the end :p