Dead Or Alive


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I'm like freaking out right now... Owning the original import Dead Or Alive, and I haven't had much interest in getting the Limited Edition (w/ picture book) since I don't want the book, I want the game. ;-)

But now someone on eBay is selling the LE and claims the game itself features more costumes for each fighter than the original release. IS THIS TRUE!?

Worth getting the LE for these costumes, then? What's your opinion?
IIRC the Dreamcast LE does have a few new features. Although it looks identical to the regular version until you answer a half dozen Japanese questions (I found a FAQ somewhere telling me what to do). After that, viola you have some new features
Hmm, I've never played the Saturn LE, so I don't know. But IMO it's worth buying second copies of games you like just for little art books