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Personally I thought the author of the report that Hollywood Hansey posted on the Main Page is either missing key pieces of Sega's vision or is just plan misinformed.

First off, the assertion that people do not want the Sega Sonic Collection I believe is terribly shortsighted. This game WILL sell. Nostalgia in the gaming market is at an all time high and with the 16-bit children of yesterday being the late teens-early twenty-somethings of today--they represent a large chunk of the game buying market.

Also, the author failed to mention the already released titles on the XboX: Jet Set Radio Future & Gun Valkyrie. Both games exude fun and style. Let's not even mention upcoming games such as Panzer Dragoon Orta, the Sega GT followup, House of the Dead 3, ToeJam & Earl 3, and the release of ShenMue 2 to the US market (finally).

Perhaps it is that the writer of the article is coming from a Non-North American gaming perspective, but the failure to even *mention* the XBoX is a glaring oversight.

Also, the many, many ports that the author mentions as being churned out by Sega were for the most part licensed properties that Acclaim...not Sega ported to the PS2 & GC. 18 Wheeler, Crazy Taxi, and Ferrari F355 being foremost among these.

Apparently the writer fails to realize that Sega has already announced Golden Axe for the GBA..because his wistful comment hoping that Sega does just that HAS ALREADY been announced.

Also where is the new Shinobi game? That game won many accolades as one of the highlights of E3 for PS2..again no mention.

No mention of Rez either....If anyone doubts Sega continually pushing the gaming element they need to play REZ...now.

Okay I'll let some of you rant now. That article, in my opinion, was poorly researched. Plus, calling the Dreamcast a failure is a misnomer. It only failed because Sega did not support it...us gamers did.

Okay now I'll stop.
I would have to agree with you Revquixo. The article also failed to mention Sega's incredible sports franchise. From all the reports I read, NFL 2K3 blows away the newest Madden. With each release, Sega appears to grasp more of what sport gamers want.

Also, I don't think the author considered how long games take to develope, considering Sega started to develope for the other systems after most already had games being worked on.
If you are from the UK then you will know that Digitiser are the most Sony loving, anti-Sega of all the so-called 'multiformat' media. They talk utter bollocks to try and look clever and controversial. I still remember how they welcomed the Dreamcast into the world:

'VF3 really doesn't look any better than VF2 on the Saturn.'

Yeah right. Add to the complete crap they continually spout all the pre-nursery humour (such as fat sow) and you can see that behind it all there is probably a spotty 15 year old who's never seen real tits, typing all his lies, surrounded by free Sony merchandise.
Well, Digitiser is a British thing so I seriously doubt they would mention any NFL games. I agree it's odd they didn't mention games such as Rez as the British press were pretty keen on it (though it could also be classified as a DC port).
Well in the US we only got Rez on the PS2..so most US gamers wouldn't know it was a port.

Then again most US gamers wouldn't know a good game if it kicked them in the groin...hence explaining Rez's poor sales.

Still, you can't deny the design, gameplay, & originality.
that article makes it sound like sega is doing worse as a software company, witch isn't true, their games are selling well (although they still have a bit to go before they turn good profits again) the guy sounds really uninformed about the whole subjet
Im new to this board and the reference to that article compelled me to join and give you my ideas. Im from the UK too and i agree totally with the other Brits. Digitiser is the worst source for any kind of opinion when it comes to the computer games industry. I think the fact that Sega has only recently become a dedicated software developer highlights their main reasons for making the games they have so far. Most have been ports or remakes of old licenses but by using their well known material they are already guaranteed interest, its exactly like Nintendo with Mario, Metriod etc...but Digitiser doesnt make any comparison. New games take a long time to design and fully implement, to tide them over they needed to cash in on their old classics. Sega is renowned for being one of the most original games developers so i think we can all simply laugh off the Digitiser and be safe in the thought that Sega games are still the best in the world.

Thats my two pennies worth
Oh yeah, no doubt I don't like the article myself and think it's pants, but these articles drum up conversation. But it's one guys opinion and thats all a coloumn really is.

He does have a point though, Sega made a LOT of original games on DC, yet we have 2 non-sequels so far in Monkey Ball and Rez and hopefully things will pick up.

Sonic collection is nice, hell, great but it's nothing we havn't already seen before. I'll still buy it, I love Sonic but there needs to be something else.

Super Monkey Ball 2 looks to be a supiror sequel, and has enough mini-games to keep us occupied but where will it end? 3 is usally enough for MOST games IMO, but by that it doesn't matter if it has a 7 on the end and is a new revoloution instead of your typical sequel upgrade