Discworld 2 for Saturn (UK) - 60hz compatible

Hey all,

I recently picked up Discworld 2 for Saturn, never knew it existed. It seems to be 60hz compatible, though, I wouldn't be so sure as to tell how.. There are no large black boarders on the top and bottom of the screen. Seems to run at 60hz.. But I could be wrong.

Anyway, I purchased it to, A) Enjoy it, and
Dump it. But, of course, I only have a 2.4k connection. So, I would like to send someone a copy of the game to do the job of uploading it to FTPs and such.. That is, if it isn't already there.
it should already be on some, since i dumped it around a year ago, its on a couple of the ftps at least

i dont want to say which ones here due to the recent removal of the ftp forum, so pm me if you want to ask further on this

you confirm it really work in 60hz on US saturn ?

I would really like to play that one ... I've got it and converted it with satconv to US and like many other pal games it boot with a black screen and freeze ....

do you know other way to make it working ?

Discworld 2 requires double-swap. Swap CD-R for original CD 2nd time after "Produced by of under license..." screen, then after a few sec swap it back and game should work fine. At least on my PAL 1-st model unmodded Saturn

I don't know how it will work on modded Saturns...