Dreamcast and stuff FS

I just don't want, nor need it.

DC equipment:

Console + cables, 3 controllers (1 smoke black, 1 see through blue, and 1 normal white controller), 3 mem cards, mouse and net browser cd, microphone attachment, and game shark unit and cd. All in perfect working order, i checked before posting this.

DC games that will go with console:

1.Sega Bass Fishing

2.Virtua tennis

3.Caution Seaman

4.Quake III: Arena

5.Star Wars Ep1: Jedi Power Battles

*as well as DC Magazine Disc Volumes 4 and 8 and Generator Volumes 1 and 2.

I'll also throw in the following Sega PC game discs: Virtua Squad 1 and 2, and Virtua-On.

$60 + shipping sounds fair to me. I have no .iso's that will go with it, all of these games are legit cds. If you'd like me to find out shipping, I will need your zipcode to find out. I will ship USPS, but if you want UPS or FedEx, I will do so at your choice and cost. any questions can be AIMed to me at YellowTmuyo, or emailed to me at tmuyo@yahoo.com If you email me, please state DREAMCAST in the title. Thanks.

That is one great offer.
Too bad I already have two Dreamcasts.
Wow, that is a pretty damn good deal... thanks for posting it up at SX. Too bad Segasquad sniped it already :flamethrower:

Hey HimuraD, i tried to PM you again and emailed you but i havn't gotten a reply. I will be gone for the next week and because of it, tight on money again. If someone else wishes to purchase this fine deal, such as ammut, then feel free to. If nobody has bought this off of you when i return, and i still have money that is, then i will still buy it from you. So its like a open window of oppourtunity for someone who wants to snag it. PEACE!
Will you ship worldwide? if so how much for - Albufeira in Portugal ?

I'd be glad to relief you of that "weight..."