Dreamcast formats

The objetive of the post is how to convert DC textures to BMP (or other normal windows format).

Textures: PVR --> pvr2bmp.exe easy

ASF like a zip. Extrac & contain ADX RAWS (& others)

ADX sound.

XM sound FastTracker v2.00

WAV same as windows

DSC text sound options (in some games)

SFD movies

REG text but i don't know for what

CPT text script secuence for maps

LST text libary of objects

EXP text no idea for what

Formats that i don´t know.

RAW (Texture but I cannot open)


DAT package but open with...

pdt: Games with PVR textures. Armada Ikaruga Nighmare Creatures 2 (not all)

The Dreamcast plays XM music modules?

Hey...Think some of you programmer guys could throw together a MOD player for DC? Maybe with visual plugins?
Nightmare creatures 2 has XM for all level.

I can't remember any more game.

I have a collection of Dreamcast Sound & music.

But now i need textures
I'm pretty sure KOS (homebrew dev library) already has support for this implemented, but I don't think there have been any native apps created that support XMs. The DC Divx player might, but I really don't think it does...
It *has* to. After all, the game's ISO compresses into something around 17MB. If the music was pre-recorded, it would eat much more space than that.

Plus Treasure are prety darn good when it comes to programming midi-esque music, and they wouldn't miss the chance to mess with the DC's sound system.