EZCD pro 95 problem

I really don't understand, i burnt two games as I was used to ("Mixed mode CD from image", then "image file" to the ISO, and drag & drop the WAV files into the audio section, in the right order, and burn!) it does work but my modded saturn refuse to launch them.

I burn at 4x (yamaha) and write without speed test.

It's been awhile but i remember i was successful in burning saturn games this way.

The games are "in the hunt" (1 iso and 12 wav) and "Don pachi" (1 iso and 14 wav), my OS is win 98.

Any idea ?


my sat is an EUR modded model, i use it with a 4-in-1 card (region adaptator action replay+3mb ram + memory)

with all my games, the saturn lanch action replay program first and ask me: "start with or without cheat codes". Then, I select "without..." and a loading appears. If the game works this loading never long more than 4s.

With the games I talked below, the loading screen freeze...

thks all

long life to segaXtreme
If it is modded... then the problem should be in the cds.. maybe a bad burn? bad rip? you could try using a saturn emu to test them..