I ordered something with Fedex overnight delivery, and was shipped last Thursday, but I havne't got it and this is the tracking info:

Scan Activity                      Date/Time      Comments 

Arrived at FedEx Ramp MISSISSAUGA CA   06/20/2002 20:52  

Left FedEx Origin Location CAMBRIDGE CA  06/20/2002 18:19  

Pickup status CAMBRIDGE CA           06/20/2002 17:13 Pre-routed meter pkg picked up

It has been like that since then, and hte ohone tracking says it's "slated for delivery Friday, June 21."

Anyone know what could be going on? Did customs take the package, or what?
I have called Fedex (only automated tracking and ordering from what I can tell (Edit: Acutally, they have real people support, there is jsut a pause before thay say which number you have to "say or press" to reach one. I guess they are trying to save money on real people
, I'll talk to them later, if I don't get an email back from them)), but not the store, I probably will tonight.
because they can usually

if your in the us and its come from hk, its likly to get stopped at customs now anyway (more incase its xbox/ps2/gc mod's (when they exist), thats why sites like lik sang stopped selling modchips to american customers
Next time tell the sender to pack a note in saying "here is the repair board for your radio" or something like that.... Hey, you never know..... it could work

LOL just kidding....
Originally posted by MasterAkumaMatata@June 28 2002,20:48

I think they use dogs to sniff out contrabands such as this.

It might help if they didn't pack Saturn mod boards in tic tac boxes

Ahhh...minty fresh mods!! LOL
americans are so paranoid now if it looks like you could use it in a bomb or other weapon don't even try to get it across the border they'll seize it. Oh and american gov. is getting pissy with canadian economy so they might of seized it for that reason too.
I think your source makes a big diffrence in USA/CAN when shipping. A buddy of mine went and bought some gray-market/Pirate stuff and it got stopped at customs. At the same time, one of my cousins went and got the same thing, sent from a store in Kwai Chung. That one made it passed customs easily. The only diffrence was my friends package was sent with the unit alone (No packing) and it was un-labeled. The one my cousin got came new, boxed with all the labels, instructions, sicker seals, ect, and the package was clearly marked Electronic Game unit on the customs slip. The package was checked by customs as well, since it arrived opened, but everything was ok. I guess Customs needs more people who can read Chinese or know what Chinese products are legal or not LOL