Feet of Fury!


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has anybody tried this new [legal] homebrew release?

Still in development, but very polished.

It looks better than many commerical DC games.

(very cool loading scree even!)

It's like DDR with a puzzle game/fighter twist to it.

Very fun and challenging.

If you think you're good at DDR (or not), you gotta try it out.

You can even swap in you own music.

Free selfbooting download:

Yeah, i tried it out last week, it is pretty good looking. I can't play DDR to save my life, and i can't play this as well. But cause it's free, I think i'm gonna learn how to save my life.
I didn't used to be that good at DDR, but I can do most of the medium levels ok. A couple of the easier levels I can get close to perfect.

I don't have a dance pad, but I think playing with a controller is still pretty fun.
Playing with the controller is A LOT easier then playing on the dance pad, especially in fof. Seeing that the game introduces elements that ddr didn't have (i.e. phasing arrows, swirling, etc.) it's much harder on the floor than ddr in most cases. They haven't even programmed in the characters' special abilities yet, so theres still more to come. yay