"Full Throttle Racing" Sega cd game?

I found an old "Game Hits" magazette from July 1995 (Volume 3, No 7) that has an article about "Full Throttle: All American Racing" for the Sega CD.

The article includes two screenshots. The article states the game is also available on SNES, so these could be snes screen shots. But I of course have my hopes up that these are actual segacd screenshots and a demo or beta of this game exists somewhere. The screenshots look like SegaCD fare. There's segacd-quality textured ground/roads (thunderstrike, batman returns), and it looks like segacd pallette (I'd expect snes to have brighter colors). I'll post a scan once I get access to a scanner.

The article reads:


Arcade-style jet-ski and motorcycle racing are now packed into one game, and it's going to burn rubber and make waves on the Sega CD! Compete in the America Circuit race in 13 locations, ranging from the streets of San Francisco to the bayous of the Mississippe Delta. Mode-7 graphics put you in the action, and multiple effects, including rain, snow and night racing, will challenge your abilities. Obstacles and vicious opponents will make strategy as important as skill, especially in the two-player mode!

Take your shot at the Race America Cup, and don't forget to wear your helment -- snorkles are optional!

GameTek/Cybersoft 1-2 Players


Note:Also available on SNES!


The back of the magazine lists Full Throttle Racing as available along with Lunar: Eternal Blue, and also for the Genesis The adventurs of batman & robin, comix zone, deep space nine, exo-squad, kawasaki superbike challenge, phantom 2040, rise of the robots, virtua racing, and road rash 3.